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Attorney follow up

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Hi everyone! i applied for my 3rd waiver in april 2017, im expecting to receive it the first few days of august and I have a wedding in the states August 5 .. im scared to follow up bcuz i keep reading that if i do that, my application will be more delayed. What if my attorney who signed my G-28 follows up for me? will this delay it too?
has any one been in this situation before?
i also have to book my flight but I dont want to risk losing it or not having my waiver on time, kinda confused on what to do. any advice?

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Go ahead and ask for an update. You are not penalized for inquiring and your application is not delayed for asking. Either you or lawyer can ask for update.

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I sent in 2 emails and they replied the next day. I got my waiver fast. I don't think it delays it at all!

append delete #3. nina514

thanks for the replies ! i will definitelt email them then.. do you think i should wait for the 90 days since my application to pass?
that would be on july 4, i should wait right? at least for the 90 days to have passed?

also another question, when i email them, you guys think i should explain the situation about the wedding, flight etc? or is that too much

append delete #4. eve

Their website states they will respond after your application is on file for 150 days, so I would not expect to get a response mailing earlier. This is also stated on the auto generated email when you inquire.

Your lawyer is more likely to get a response, although not a lot of detail other than what you receive yourself.

If you're very lucky and given it's your third waiver you may get it in time, but I wouldn't count on it and suggest booking a refundable airfare.

append delete #5. Bunches99

Some sites say 150 and some say 90. At 90 days I emailed and got a reply. At 120 days I emailed and got a reply.

Do NOT tell them any details. They do NOT care.

Just ask for information regarding your application status. You applied X place, X day. Your full name and birth date.

append delete #6. BeesNest

@nina514 Although I do agree that you should follow up with the ARO for your own peace of mind, I do not think you should be booking any flights for the beginning of August.

If you read through some of the other posts on here, the average wait time is 4 1/2 -5 months.

That same timeline for you would mean end of August at the earliest. I am hoping you do receive your waiver in time for your trip because no one wants to miss a wedding, but I would not buy a flight without cancellation insurance.



append delete #7. Eds

@nina514 I am in a very similar situation and I agree with @BeesNest. I am at 146 days, I sent an email to ARO asking for a status update at the 143 day mark and have not received a response.

A limited number of posters still seem to be receiving their waiver at the 120-130 day mark but not many. I would 100% get the cancellation insurance and plan for the worst but hope for the best.

append delete #8. BeesNest

@Eds Have you checked your junk mail folder? That's where my response ended up. If the ARO are anything they are vigilant at responding to inquiries.

I only wish their waiver processing was as quick as the email responses :/




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