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C-216 fingerprint question

append delete Mac

Just confirming,
I was told by the RCMP that they don't do a C-216 form any more and i'd have to go through an agency. I got my fingerprints back from that agency, notarized with my prints/pic on the bottom. (this paper has no mention of C-216 on it)
including a statement: this certifies that bla bla bla RCMP bla bla my fingerprints could not be associated to any criminal record of conviction that can be disclosed by federal law.

does this one document now cover both fingerprints and crim record check??
(the wording on the instruction document i have is making me heasitate)


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append delete #1. Sha

Hey Mac,

Is the form you received notarized with your prints at the bottom from the RCMP? Most likely it is. The c-216 is the form the agency uses to get your official record from the RCMP. Then you will received from the RCMP a notarized letter stating this certifies that blah blah blah lol.

This document does cover your fingerprints and criminal record check but you will be fingerprinted again by CBP when you submit your waiver package.

Hope this helps!!

append delete #2. Ink

All you have to do the peace of paper you receive from RCMP send it with your application or top of application. CBP officer knows what is C-216 looks like. They also have your Canadian criminal record in US system.

append delete #3. Mac

Sha & Ink,

Thanks for responding. Yah it has 4 prints and an ugly mug shot at the bottom.😂 Notarized.
Sounds like it's the right one. Thanks



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