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can I use my canadian pardon as record of criminal charges?

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Hey: I have been getting pardons for 20 years (5 years each time). I received a canadian pardon in 1994. Each time when I have applied to get my waiver, I have used an updated copy of my pardon record (from the parole board of canada) to show them what my criminal charges where.

Is this still sufficient?

Or do I have to do the following

"CERTIFIED COPY OF YOUR NATIONAL CRIMINAL HISTORY FROM OTTAWA. To do this you will file Form C216C and then you will get back forms P-PE-811 with attached criminal convictions on Form C-480-11. If you received a PARDON. you need to File a Privacy Act Request you do this by checking the box Privacy Act on the fingerprint Form C216C. You will have to Complete and sign a Privacy Act, INFO SOURCE, and personal information request TB350-58. Clearly state on this form that you require: Copy of RCMP Criminal Record Data holding including active Criminal History, Pardon record and Archived records

Thanks beforehand for any advice that comes my way

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append delete #51. John Rogers

"So, John, I do not have to engage in mindless debates with you" (then 37 sentences later..)

I finally get to use my english degree. And I thought it would be useless.....

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks" is a line from the c. 1600 play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, where it is spoken by Queen Gertrude in response to the insincere overacting of a character in the play". (Ken, like a guilty man, you go on and on....)

1. You have confirmed for everyone that your September Letter is a fake. I will not mention it again here. BUT its fraudulent that you display it, so I will use this: http://www.bclaws.ca/civix/document/id/complete/statreg/04002_00 and the BBB of Lower Mainland BC. Remember, this is the internet. You want this trailing you, go ahead. If it was me and I was INNOCENT I would be going out of my way to prove it. You want Fraudulent September Letter Ken Scott following you around, that's your choice. You don't want to admit your wrong, I get it, but your making a bad business decision.

2. "if you supposedly have 2 of my people then what are their first names then? Or what are their birthdays?? Yup I think not..lol"

I don't need to provide you the names of anyone who was a client, I have your filled out and signed page 7 from the I-192. I will email or text a copy to anyone who wants it. pardonguy2@gmail.com or 416-843-1371. I will also email the parts of the letter you wrote that I quoted. I am willing to prove what I say. To you or anyone. (Unlike you) Anyone wanting to know the "trade secrets" let me know. I mentioned them already, and one strategy may apply if you are applying early, but the rest are nonsensical.

3. "So I can offer waivers for $250 in your area only(and can go lower if needed) and that will include fingerprints that they will do for us."

Your going to do waivers for $250.00? Having seen your work, I agree, that is exactly what they are worth. Look Ken....you finally became the "discount waiver company" you talked so much about. You only do waivers, and you are now far below the market. So you finally made that come true. I won't be offended by the term anymore. I also urge everyone to take advantage of that price. That is VERY discounted. I charge double!

4. "Also, I now understand why you have to do these things on this forum since you are actually surrounded by 3 competitors in Brampton. On the Spot Fingerprinting, Services, Canada E Fingerprinting & Legal Services and Airport Road 7 Day walk in Fingerprinting Services."

This is why you are only worth $250. You lack of attention to detail. You inability to see a problem, and deliver on a solution. It goes hand in hand with this statement.

I have already done my research on you my friend and know more about you that you even realise:)

You see Ken, again either a fabrication, or lack of attention to detail. You actually MISSED one of my main competitors, and you actually named "On the Spot Fingerprinting" which is VERY close...because they are ME. Pardon and Waiver Experts. On the Spot Fingerprinting. Oh Snap Passport Photos. All in the same place. I hope you did not form a "strategic partnership" with me...against me. I would feel very betrayed.

I will finish with something good to say. You got through all that bluster without mentioning England. You are GROWING Ken. As a person. Its gratifying to see. Baby steps. Here is your best course of action. Take down the letter. Ignore me. Move on with your life. Pretend this beatdown never happened.

append delete #52. KSCOTT

John I am going to be the adult and end the conversation. It is not worth my time and you are clearly beneath me. So run your business and enjoy your life. Sorry but I cannot provide you with the attention that you are clearly seeking. Sorry the kids took your lunch money in school. Sorry that yoy have low self esteem. So just continue to do waivers for your purse snatches and I will continue to expand globally. We will just chat when I open the Brampton location. Sorry but I don't hang around nor associate with commoners. Anyway let me know if you ever come to BC or England. Oops sorry forgot you cannot afford it 😉I can show you our new office that we just got today...or you can check out our YouTube link and see it now. So feel free to use whatever paper you claim.to have from me as a rolled up anal cleansing tool

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