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Canadian with US charges

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Hello, so I have pretty much everything in order and am getting ready to submit my application. 14 years ago I was convicted of a misdemeanor possession charge while crossing the border into Montana, given a fine and some paperwork and was returned to canada. I paid the fine but over the years the paperwork was unfortunately stolen by a crazy ex girlfriend. I remember there was a small yellow peice of paper outlining my charge and stating the amount of the fine.

I assume that yellow peice of paper would be what I need to submit with my application. How would I go about getting a copy of this? Would I even need it? I've been searching for answers but have so far turned up empty on this subject.

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You shouldn't need to include it as they probably already have your file. It might be best to do a criminal record check just in case. Have you tried this Montana gov site? https://app.mt.gov/choprs/


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