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To those that travel into the US with or without a waiver make sure you keep a note of what you told them when they asked you specific questions because if you say one thing and then another you're basically up sh*t creek. They write everything down and input it into a database in order to bring it up once you go through again. Even the most minute detail is taken down even if you visited a tourist spot and ate lunch at a restaurant and ordered the steamed fish then gave a different answer the next time you go through only to say that you ordered fried fish. Civil servants thrive on the details so be very weary of what you say and keep track because the questions - whether they're clearly pointless or not - can get you into a heap of trouble and cost you plenty such as being denied.

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thanks for the heads up

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If your denied entry because of a criminal records its almost irrelevant what you say. Overstays or caught working...different story. They usually give you a copy of the interview when they deny you entry (non criminal)


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