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My problem luckyduck2, is that you are ignoring something that you could have easily googled and didn't bother.

His card was issued by Immigration and Naturalization from the nearest port. (Buffalo, Detroit etc)

Homeland Security was formed in 2001. They aren't going to recognize his card. They all expired October 1 2001.

I have done waiver since 1996 when I worked for Pardon Services Canada and ran their Toronto office. They are now called AllCleared. This is not an endorsement of them, (I hate how they do waivers) just an example of why I know this information. I went on my own before 9/11 so I remember quite clearly the chaos for people with waivers and the dismantling of INS.

Obviously Harry Lime should get verification form his nearest port of entry. Telling to go to a "reputable immigration lawyer" is ridiculous. Immigration Lawyers usually know the LEAST about this topic for a very simple reason. They will do waivers (for a ridiculous fee in the thousands) but thats not their bread and butter. They usually do applications for people coming to Canada. Thats where their money is. How do I know? Many immigration lawyers send clients for fingerprints, and send me most of their waiver business.

I do waivers. Every day, for years. So I am PAID to know this stuff. No Immigration Lawyer or any of these legal analysts knows this subject matter better than I do.

My problem is in a "waiver information forum" your giving advice when you don't know what your talking about. Worse, you made up a fairytale story about having a card 5 years ago, and I KNOW its not true.

So two mistakes. Stick to the truth, every time, and don't ever send anyone to a immigration lawyer for waiver advice. I dare you to refute ANYTHING I have ever said, and I have written a lot, on this forum. Notice that all my advice is specific, free, and I never shy away from a question, or ask for a fee.


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