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RE[15]: Entering For First Time


No LuckyDuck and Harry Lime are 100% correct. They are referring to what is called BCC(Border Crossing Card). They are still valid but they are no longer issued at the Northern Border. You do not need a waiver if you still have one of the old BCC and have not reoffended. We can sometimes get the permanent clearances on some criminal convictions. It is not a BCC but it essentially does the same thing as such.

People please understand this and I am not referring to John...but some of these waiver companies depend on repeat business and will say or do anything in order to get you to apply for an unneeded waiver. The BCC cards are worth their weight in Platinum. If you don't have a BCC then you may qualify for a September Letter...or you may not. I can show ya what one looks like since we specialize in getting them for clients...but again...not every offence will qualify for them. It is not a permanent waiver but it will permanently clear the offence that you were convicted for and you will not need a waiver again unless you reoffend.


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