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Filing Fee

append delete Sandra

Is it true that the cost is going up soon from $585 to over $900.00? And if so when will this go into effect?Thanks

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append delete #1. Frank Jr.

Yes...$930.00...I wasn't able to get an exact date but it will be this fall.

append delete #2. pett

My waiver expires Feb 29 2017.It took only 2.5 months to renew my waiver last time. I was going to wait until December to send away for renewal but now I'm wondering if I should send away sooner before the fee increase

append delete #3. Vancity_guy


I would send it in before December, that way you pay the $585 ...and it's 6 months in advance.... probably will have to wait 3-6 months... 4/5 seems like the norm for most people.

append delete #4. pett

yes I will do it sooner ,probably in October. Last time because it came back that quick,I still would have had 6 months left on my old waiver .Didn't think my renewal would come back so soon.

append delete #5. Frank Jr.

My renewal took a bit over 5 months, so your mileage may vary. If you haven't sent it in, do it now.

I can't imagine the workload at the ARO is going to be any lighter once people try to get their applications in before the increase.

append delete #6. Pett

Sent my waiver in at Calgary Oct 22,will see how long it takes for waiver to come

append delete #7. traveldude

I did mine today...$585 at Calais, Maine.....they said something if you did it at USCIS office it went up to $930.....now the waiting begins.......

append delete #8. Helper

If you file with CBP at border or Preclearnace Airport in Canada the fee is $585. If you file with USCIS it is 900 plus. Canadian citizens file waiver application at the border or at the airport so they are not effected with new the new fee. :)

append delete #9. manjunath

Type your message here…How day will i get J-1 visa and How apply for fingerprint card to get.

append delete #10. JOHN ROGERS

Just to explain what happened to the Fee increase.

The Fee (like many others) went up officially on December 23 2016.

Canadian Citizens who hand their waiver in at a CBPE are exempted....for now from the fee increase.

I-212's went up...no exemptions.

I tell my clients to simply file the I-192 and ONLY do an I-212 if they get a written request. The result is a waiver ANYWAYS and in many cases they simply process the waiver application as LONG as you have answered the questions and provided PROOF of when you left the United States, how long you stayed and why.


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