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Green cards

append delete Patrick T

Is someone with a waiver able to receive a green card? Thanks

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append delete #1. Bunches99

I am in the middle of the process right now. First off your travel waiver is not good enough. Here is the steps.

1. Get sponsored for a green card. Fill out the docs and send them in (currently it's around 12 month wait.

2. Do all the other steps. More docs. Vacs. Doc visit ect.

3. Go to your visa interview now this is when you will be found inadmissible. You will be told to apply for the waiver (not the travel one you have). I have heard this waiver is almost impossible to get. You have to prove hardship. Google reasons for a waiver hardship. You will read and see. It's next to impossible if you don't fall under the main reasons.

4. Since that waiver is sitting at 12 months average you now have to possibly re do your physical exam PLUS re do your visa interview.

Not sure if you have looked in to all of this but the only place in Canada that does visa interviews is down east! I'm in Vancouver so this is a complete piss off for me because I have to drag myself, my husband (sponsor) and our 4 kids all the way there twice!

You however do NOT need this other waiver to get a work visa or study visa. This might he a better option for you depending on if you have and can proof hardship.

I am actually waiting for my first app to be approved and then I am withdrawing my application. I will re apply for my green card when my kids all move out (9 years). My older kids don't want to move anymore and the 2 flights is too much money to waste on a gamble.

append delete #2. Bunches99

The waiver is i-601 and the cost for filling is $930 USD.

append delete #3. JOHN ROGERS

I have had many clients who went on to do K-1 visas ( i also do those) and many other types. Bunches99 is correct about the "Immigrant waiver" I-601 and the fee was just increased on December 23 2016 to $930 as he said.

append delete #4. Srt11

Can I get a TN or H1 visa after waiver. Or can I get a dependent visa if my spouse apply for TN or H1?

append delete #5. K SCOTT

You have to be careful with having a waiver and getting a Greencard. A waiver can make it much harder to get a Greencard. It is not always automatically a 601 waiver will get you approved. This is why we try to get people out of needing a waiver if they qualify. We have people trying to get greencards now and have waivers. Those people we refer to one of the lawyers that we send these kinds of cases to. These cases are nothing to play with and are quite tricky.

append delete #6. JOHN ROGERS

Its not tricky at all. The only difference between a "regular green card" applicant and one who does a waiver is simply the I-601.

Bunches99 obviously is doing one himself, so I don't see the "complication." I have filled out some I-601's and its not very difficult.

As for getting off the waiver program, I am very skeptical. Yes sometimes it happens but rarely enough, with enough circumstances being EXACTLY right (for example an impaired, or a youth record) that I don't see how its an advertisable service.


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