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How long did it take to receive a response from ARO?

append delete Vancity Girl

I sent my waiver around the beginning of Jan. Two days ago, I sent an email regarding the status of my waiver. I included all the information needed, so I know that's not an issue. I am just curious as to how fast people got emailed back.

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append delete #1. Bunches99

1 working day.

I sent 2 emails during my entire wait time. 1st email I sent Thursday morning and got a return email Friday morning saying it was still pending. 2 weeks later I sent an email Friday afternoon and got An email Monday morning saying a decision was mailed to me on xxx date.

append delete #2. Vancity Girl

No reply yet. Already have sent two emails. I'm wondering what I should do? Send another?

append delete #3. Bunches99

Hmmm what are you putting in the subject line? Mine was like this:

Subject: I 130 Application


I am writing to you today to get an update on my i130 application. I applied December 1st 2016 at the Blaine WA border.

Jane Doe
JULY 21 1972
1200 150 street Vancouver bc v2t 1x5
Applied December 1st 2016
Blaine WA border crossing

Thank you

If you wrote it another way you could try that way? It's weird to hear you haven't got a reply. When did you apply for you waiver? I did read they won't reply if it's still within waiting times. However depending on which site you check the waiting period is different. Some GOV sites say over 120 days but the actual waiver site says 90 days.

append delete #4. BeesNest

@Vancity Girl
You may have already done this but did you check your junk folder?
That's where mine was.
Search for ARO.

Best of luck :)

append delete #5. djamani2@hotmail.com

I've already sent an email on monday morning. I haven't got a response yet@Vanity Girl. I'm curious to know if you got a response.

append delete #6. Chloe

@bunches99 how long after did you email them l

append delete #7. Bunches99

I emailed at 90 days and got a response the next day say it was pending. I emailed again at 120 days on a Friday and Monday morning got a reply saying a decision was mailed to me. Tuesday it was in my mail box.

append delete #8. Bunches99

I just realized in my above post about email format I put i130! Oops. An i130 is an application for a green card. If you use my format correct that. I also have a pending i130 so it must have been on my mind that day....

What I do know is USCIS is way behind so I would imagine so is ARO.

append delete #9. Kal

I sent my waiver in early January too. Sent an email on Friday, received a response on Tuesday with the standard response that it was under review.

append delete #10. Vancity Girl

@Kal still haven't recieved anything yet and sent mine in Jan..

append delete #11. Lashes

Sent mine in early Jan and nothing yet too.

append delete #12. RUDY1

u sent your waivers in Jan and still nothing???

append delete #13. Vancity Girl

I haven't recieved anything yet and sent mine in Jan. I've emailed already since the 150 mark they said it's pending for further review. Just hoping that it will come soon! Should I email again? It's been 7 months! :(

append delete #14. JOHN ROGERS

Most recent information:

A lot of clients are getting 5 years again, even if it is their first waiver. I just had 2 people, both got it in 30 days. This is as of this week.

append delete #15. Rachel

@John Rogers .... seriously only took 30 days to get waiver?

append delete #16. John Rogers


This was from a year ago, but I have to think I meant to say 90 days. The post said October 24 2017, but someone else correct me if i am wrong, I probably meant to type 90 days, which is the standard.

Anyways, today it is 90-110 days. I am not sure why someone didn't point that out earlier.

append delete #17. KSCOTT

Well, there is a big difference between 30 and 90 days. You don't know the difference between 30 and 90? Also, the 3 and 9 are far apart on the keyboard...so just wondering how it could be an error.LOL

append delete #18. John Rogers


Well, there is a big difference between 30 and 90 days. You don't know the difference between 30 and 90? Also, the 3 and 9 are far apart on the keyboard...so just wondering how it could be an error.LOL

Apparently YOU missed it. No comment from you. You rebut everything else. What happened?


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