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How long to wait before application?

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Hello guys,

In april of 2016 I was pulled into the secondary inspection area because the Border guard said he could smell marijuana. Long story short, they found a very small part of a joint which had fallen between the seats. After being fully searched in hand cuffs and after I paid the 500$ or so fine they took my statement. After another three hours the half asleep guard told me that i would be inadmissible. I asked about an appeal or perhaps another option and he said dont even bother applying for a waiver for at least 2 years. He also chastised me for even mentioning that I would challenge him with an appeal.

I consulted an immigration lawyer but she says the DHS guys aren't worried about the timeline as much as they are about my rehabilitation. Anyone have a similar case that can help me out?Until then I will keep reading!


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