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I-192 renewal

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Hi all, I need to renew my waiver that has expired a couple of years ago, this would be the fifth time doing so successfully for a since pardoned 1989 simple possession conviction.

It`s been a while since I`ve applied for one last, I want to make absolutely sure I have all my documentation in order. I downloaded the most recent I-192 application form but find it no longer contains certain questions that were asked in the past such as places of employment, birth places of parents, copy of criminal record etc. I also recall reading/hearing about the need to include letters of reference which too, no mention is made of this either.
Has the application process been streamlined or am I missing something?
If someone can point me in the direction of a "check list" of sorts that I recall seeing in the past, I would be very much obliged.

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As #25 states. I had nexus previously, and then once I was convicted my nexus was revoked. The letter comes pretty quick, had it within a month of conviction so obviously there is communication going on. The nexus rules are pretty clear on this once it's revoked as well it is a lifetime bar from receiving it again. Note that it wasn't revoked until after my guilty plea. Up until that point it remained valid.

Makes sense, you're no longer a "trusted" traveller.

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@Michelle you cannot have a waiver and a Nexus card. Nexus means "trusted traveler" but a waiver means you have to be "inspected".

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Technically any alien is inspected when trying to enter the USA...waiver or not. Yes, it is true that you will not have a waiver and a Nexus card. A lot of people get burned by applying for NEXUS because the criminality issue comes up and the persons end up making themselves inadmissible by their own words.

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@25 HatsBootsHatsBoots, interesting..I had a client years ago, apply for a Pardon, because he was told by Canada Customs, if he had a Pardon, he could get a NEXUS card...I strongly advised that I was not aware of this, but who am I to disagree with Canada Customs...he went ahead and received his Pardon. He then applied for the NEXUS and was approved on Canadian side, but not USA..he was not happy and tried to blame me..after that I, I didn't get involved in NEXUS, but was always curious about how it works...Thanks again...

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@27 John Rogers
@28 K ....yes, makes sense...Thanks all!!!!

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#20 John they do not necessarily drive all the way to Vegas. They will sometimes drive to Bellingham to fly out to Vegas. Same applies for them flying to Vegas from YVR. Apparently(as I am told), they can make much more money in Vegas than Vancouver because apparently the Vegas men will pay more and they can(unlawfully) make USA dollars there. Vancouver is a very expensive city to live in and the men barter way too much for a cheaper price(as I have been told).


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