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Lost Original i-194

append delete Coleen

I lost my original cover letter and i-194, I have looked on all the US websites and cannot find way to have a new one issued, any idea?

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append delete #26. JOHN ROGERS

Ken Scott...."fix it properly". You already admitted the only instance you know of is "your friend the drug dealer". Your not "fixing" anything.

You know nothing about how it works because you barely have any clients. And the ones you DO have get so upset when they realize they have been sold an empty promise for too much money they never speak to you again.

append delete #27. K SCOTT

I never said that I had a friend that is a drug dealer..lol Where do you come up with these fantasies? Why do you keep having fantasies about me? Why do you care what we charge? Why do you care so much about me that you always seem to reference me?

I will state that you are actually helping our business grow in other parts of Canada now in a different kind of way and that you do not even realise it. What you are doing for us is golden and we will dedicate a talk radio show episode to you. :)

append delete #28. JOHN ROGERS

Quoting Ken Scott again "John Rogers is wrong here again as usual. I not gonna bother to go over each area but will just touch upon a few things. I-94 cards may be issued to Canadians with waivers to essentially do a controlled entry. Not every person that has a waiver is issued an I-94. This was something that I personally discovered when my good friend that has a trafficking conviction entered the USA. He told me that he was not given an I-94 by the border. Nor did they even look at his waiver surprisingly. You have to turn it into them before it expires. This is even true if you have 1 day remaining. If not, then they could indeed revoke your waiver."

Ken, I am not driving business to you. THAT I know. Your killing your credibility here because everytime I point out something, you have no answer. Worse, people notice when I ask you to prove something and you ignore the question. It means your WRONG and you DON'T KNOW.

Think of having a professional civil discussion. People ask a question, you give an answer, I give an answer. People can decide who they think is right. Michelle would be a great resource if people want a third opinion. Your a little too used to not being challenged and it shows in your inability to debate. When you get your ass handed to you, just accept it and move on. Making up bigger and bigger untruths does not make you more convincing. Your a guy, in an office, with another guy. Thats all. And there is nothing wrong with that.

I don't claim to be anything other than a guy, who does waivers, a lot of waivers and has done them since 1996. I am not perfect, but pay attention to detail and I want clients to come back and refer others. So I charge a reasonable fee, give as much certainty as possible, and am brutally honest. And fast. I do the work right away and clients get their waivers as soon as they want them. Simple as that. I am not claiming special credentials or even special knowledge. Its is experience and what i see. I just happen to do a lot of waivers.

append delete #29. K SCOTT

Well, Sassy Pants(JOHN) your credibility ship last sailed when they launched and lost the Titanic. Plus, I thought the theme of the room was about lost documents? Kindly focus on the subject matter at hand...which is to help the people here.

append delete #30. JOHN ROGERS

I already posted the proper fee and information. Look at what you posted after that.


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