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My Experience at Toronto Pearson on Apr 8 2017

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This is my first time doing waiver and I did all by myself with the help of this forum and online search. So i want to give my experience back to the forum as my "thank you"

I reached the office at 5 AM. there were 3 people before me. they got the sign up sheet around 5:30 AM. started taking the applications at 8:05.
there are 2 people inside taking applications, asking questions, taking finger prints etc. It took approx 20- 40 mins for each application.

I went inside around 9 am, just because 2 people in front of me had insufficient documents, so they turned back with in 10 mins.
I went inside officers checked my application, took finger prints. but there was an issue with their computer. so they made me and rest of the people wait outside for 1 hour till they fix the issue with their system. I was called again at 10:05, i went inside. They verified all the papers. I arranged them very nicely as per the requirement. so it took me 20 mins inside. I was out by 10:25.

MUST have forms

Original proof of citizenship and a copy
2 - I 192 applications
4 - G325 A forms (someone had to go back just because they got 3 forms)
RCMP original
personal Statement regarding inadmissibility and proposed activities in US
Personal statement regarding criminal convictions

above are must have forms and there is a list of recommended forms. let me know if anyone wants that too.

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Hello srt1

Thanks for the info, I'm planning on going this Saturday to Pearson. A few questions:

1. What terminal did you go to?
2. Do they accept credit card for the payment?
3. What are the recommended forms and did you bring them with you?


append delete #2. srt1

1. terminal 1 level 3

2. yes

3. I took all the forms necessary for my case

Certified copies of court/Conviction,
previous waiver copies,
proof of employment,
Letters of reference, min 2

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look for pillar 8. Its to the right of the Peel Police mini station. Opening again on October 7 2017. Closed right now.

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Hi, did the agents really ask for the Letters of Reference or its voluntary on the part of the applicants. Because in the CBP check list it was not indicated/states that you need those letters. Thanks

append delete #5. JOHN ROGERS

yes you absolutely need 2 letter of reference.

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Thanks John for your response.


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