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Need a little help please~

append delete MarkusMD

I am a little lost with this whole process and I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

Nov 2016 I got my finger prints completed. Jan 10th Received a letter from the RCMP along with a notarized copy of my criminal history.

I have convictions in multiple cities in Ontario. My understanding is that I will need to go to each court house that I was convicted and get some type of documentation regarding my convictions. Along with that, I will need my 192 application filled out, the letter from the RCMP and my processing fee . The head to the boarder to submit my application.

Is this correct?

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append delete #1. MarkusMD

Also, the letter I got from the RCMP does not say Form C-480 (Which I understand is what I need) Its got a cover page with the prints and picture I had taken at the fingerprint place and 2 pages listing my criminal record. They are notarized. Is this the paper work I need from the RCMP?

append delete #2. Sha

Hi @MarkusMD

Yes, The letter you received from the rcmp with your picture and prints is what you will submit with your package. It does not say from c-480 on the letter however it is an official record from the rcmp which what the CBP is looking for.

You are right, you need to go to each court where you were convicted and obtain the court records. You will need your letter from the RCMP you received to obtain your court records. Tell the court clerk that you are applying for a U.S. waiver.

Hope this helps!

append delete #3. voltdriver

Sorry to hijack a thread...i received a 2 page response from RCMP, 1 with my prints and mugshot, and 1 with designation C-480-11p(93-11) in the lower left corner. the C-480 listed three charges from 1982 through to 1988, and disposition for all three. under disposition, it lists "$100 I-D 30 days". and variations on that. will this meet the requirements to get a waiver or do i need to go to each courthouse in hopes they have records dating back almost 35 years?

thanks for any help.


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