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Need help with waiver

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Okay so in 2012, I was charged with two counts of drug trafficking and before trial I breeched my conditions, which was a no-contact order to stay out of contact with the guy who was also charged. So I then got charged with a breech.

At trial in 2013, both trafficking charges were a "stay of proceedings" and I was found not guilty. However, I plead guilty to the breech and I was given only four months probation and the breech was ultimately a conditional discharge, so therefore I would have no record in Canada.

I got my fingerprints back from Ottawa and it confirms that I have no criminal record. However, the thing that I wish I didn't have to include is the court records because they will see the two counts of drug trafficking. The good thing here though is that I was not guilty of those charges and it was a stay.

Do you think I can do this waiver alone and have success? Or if possible, can anyone recommend a lawyer in Vancouver that can help me with my waiver or a resource? Thanks!

P.S - NO SCAMMERS , don't even try it

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Hey @Vancity Girl,

If you got your fingerprints back from Ottawa and it confirms that you have no criminal record, Check with the court and ask for the court disposition. Say it is for a U.S waiver. If there is nothing listed on the court disposition you "MAY NOT" have to file a i-192. If there is a information on the court disposition you probably going to have to file for a waiver.

Have you ever been denied entry to the U.S. since the charge?

Hope this helps!!


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