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Pearson Intl Airport - Not taking Waivers until October 7 2017

append delete JOHN ROGERS

Because of budgetary constraints, Pearson Intl Airport will not be taking waivers until October 7th 2017.

I know this because I go every Saturday and put my clients name on the list so they can come later instead of 4 am.

I will be going again on October 7 2017 so will let you know how it was.

They were not that busy over the summer actually, less that 30 people on most Saturdays.

Terminal 1 Pillar 8.

John Rogers
416-843-1371 If you need further information.

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append delete #26. K SCOTT

John, you did not talk to a bloody supervisor at Pearson. You keep changing regarding the operating hours of the border. Why don't you just come clean and admit that you don't know? Hardly anyone is going to trust you now that they have seen how you go on a tirade with people on the forum...smh

append delete #27. JOHN ROGERS

I did talk to a Supervisor. Ask nicely and I will put his phone number here.

As for the hours at Pearson, I posted the link.

The Hours at the Border I have never "changed". Same as the paper I give out. Which border do you want to know?

Again, Pearson Airport is ONLY taking waivers on Tuesdays. NOT on Saturdays. 8-4 officially. Supervisor told me they do not open really before 930.

Remember Ken, if you want the number, ask nicely and apologize for being a douche. Anyone else can call my cell if you need the number.

append delete #28. K SCOTT

Ok does that mean I am not on your Christmas list hun?? lol ANyway, here is the info if people need it to contact Pearson.

CBP Toronto Pearson
Angel McKinney
Lester B. Pearson Intl. Airport, P.O. Box 6011
Office: 905-676-2606
Fax: 905-676-8498
Toronto, Ontario, Canada L5P 1B2

Anyway, John I don't hold info hostage in exchange for trying to drum up business...Btw...I already have a sheet that has the contact info
for all the CBP locations in USA and overseas. :)..lol

Let me know if you need any of the info Hun:)

append delete #29. K SCOTT

Btw...She was the old Port Director from my era but the other info is still current. :)

append delete #30. JOHN ROGERS

So which is it? Is the Supervisor reachable? Or not? Clearly if Ken "Trump Scott" can look up the number on google, anyone can. Wrong person though. Thats not who I spoke to. And I offered it to anyone but you. For free.

append delete #31. JOHN ROGERS

I had a client go to Pearson Airport this morning. She arrived at 4 am but they opened at 9. There were 14 people approx and then the fingerprinting and camera software wasn't working. She is still there as of 11 am waiting.

I will actually go next week to assess the situation myself. Just an update.

append delete #32. WaiveMeIn


When you said they start to open at 9, does that mean somebody can simy show up just before 9 and they would be accepted? Or is that not recommended since it would be overcapacity by then?

It would be great to know what's the situation like when you get back from your airport visit next week :)


append delete #33. JOHN ROGERS

I am going to go on Tuesday at 6 am. I assume there is a list posted, if not, I will put up my own. I will let everyone know what I find. It might not be the same day because I have an RCMP interview to renew my fingerprint accreditation because almost 3 years ago we moved offices. So might be the next day.

append delete #34. JOHN ROGERS

Sorry if you were awaiting an update. With the bad weather in Toronto and the fact I had to visit the RCMP for my fingerprint accreditation I did not go on Tuesday. Next Tuesday and I will update everyone.

append delete #35. JOHN ROGERS

Tuesday I went to Pearson Airport.

Wow, what a horrible place to hand in a waiver this has become!

They put the list up at 630 am. Said they would open at 9. I assured everyone I was skeptical this would actually happen. When I finally left at 10 am, still not open. I met a lot of people and one of them emailed me a synopsis after I left.

Morning to you. You may remember me from yesterday at Pearson Airport. (I deleted her description and name) You were kind enough to give me some I-192 forms. I just wanted to share my/ our experience of that day.
We are from Orillia. This is my 2nd time filling, and 5 years ago, all went much smoother then.
As you know the office was to open at 8 am, and did not open up till 10:15 am. We were there until about 2:15. In that time, my husband and I figured that they did about 3 people per hour? They changed shifts around noon, and the other 2 days, only 1 seemed to know what he was doing. They had problems with the printer/visa etc. They one would say to the other “It should be ok”…..REALLY!!!! I seemed to missing 3 pages of my I-192, which I did not print because it referred to Interrupter. (she meant to say interpreter) I went to the peel police office down the hall, and they were more than happy to help out, and printed it for me. They should all be ashamed at their lack of professionalism, and procedure. If they simply had someone there, to pre look at the applications, and have extra forms on hand, this would certainly improve the procedure. Furthermore a city as large as Toronto, and servicing other areas should certainly be open more than 1 day a week!!! I
If you have a contact for complaints I would love to add myself to this list!!
Thanks for your help, and the copies of the forms. What a horrible day it was.
Have a nice day,

(name deleted)

The problem was the uncertainty made everyone very nervous and jumpy, so most people didn't ask for help until I was having to leave.

I was told that a lot of these people showed up on Saturday, and were still being SENT on Saturday by some of these lazy companies who can't be bothered to check which ports are open. I was told about 15 people were waiting on Saturday so I may grab a book and sit there and see how many show up. I feel sorry for the ones who are getting conflicting information and wasting a long trip from these far off locations.

append delete #36. JOHN ROGERS

I went to the Airport again today, Tuesday May 1 2018.

There were about 20 names on the list.

Although at 930 they emerged to say "it will be another 30 minutes" by 10:15 it had still not opened and I left.

Thats my update from Pearson Airport in Toronto.

append delete #37. jazzsax

So basically.... "Go anywhere but pearson"

append delete #38. JOHN ROGERS

jaxxsax......absolutely. What a nightmare. And you would not believe how many people are still showing up on Saturdays.

append delete #39. becca

is Niagara Falls border ONLY open Sundays 5-9 to take waiver applications or is that just the best time? Does anyone have a contact number?

append delete #40. JOHN ROGERS

Niagara Falls is now closed Sundays for Waivers for the "Summer".

The phone number is (716) 284-5174 X324 but beware they always claim to be busy and they never are.

The hours are Monday to Thursday 2 pm to 9 pm

Much better than the airport but if you need to use the airport (Pearson) text me at 416-843-1371 so I can put your name on the list for you.

Airport is officially 8-4 Tuesday but they rarely open before 930

append delete #41. JOHN ROGERS

Update on Pearson Intl Airport on Tuesdays:

If your headed to the Airport to hand in your waiver, feel free to text me on Monday, and I will put your name on the list. This is free.

You can then show up at 8 instead of lining up early. 416-843-1371 with your name and "put my name on the list".

For those still using the Airport, they never open before 9. Last week was 9:30. Sometimes they take the list down, and sometimes they leave it up. If your going to arrive after 9 beware they may not take anyone else. ((Sometimes they do, sometimes they do not)

Last week a guy who was 12th on the list did not get in because by 2 pm something stopped working and they closed.

My suggestion? Go to Rainbow Bridge if you can. If not, let me put your name on the list early. I arrive around 5:30 am.

append delete #42. John Rogers

JULY 17 2018

Pearson Intl Airport is not taking waiver again for the summer. I was there this Tuesday and they have posted a sign that they were "closed for the summer".

Last year they re-opened over Thanksgiving. I would predict they will stay closed until at least September of October again.

I will monitor it and keep everyone posted.

append delete #43. jazzsax

You would think they would staff canada's largest airport enough so they could support the needs...

append delete #44. John Rogers

Under Trump there must be some funding cuts for places deemed "friendly borders" like Canada. I see the difference at the Airport, in the different staff, the stress, and the attempts to shut the office down in taking waivers.

They went from Saturdays, to closed summers, to closed down permanently, to re-opening on Tuesdays, literally the slowest day of the week for the Airport.

Its clear that Mexican borders have been bolstered, resources shifted, and Canadian borders have been given less attention.

append delete #45. gene

Do I-192 waiver applicants need to personnally hand in their applications at pearson int.airport CBP office or applicants must send/mail their apications to the P.O box provided on their website for the Pearson Int. Airpot office.
Anybody who have any information please verify.

Thanks. Here is the link.

append delete #46. John Rogers

You cannot hand in your waiver at the Airport. It is closed for the summer, and last year they re-opened on October 7th.

Waivers must be handed in in person. Got to Niagara falls (Rainbow Bridge) Its the best location locally, and they are open 2-9 Monday-Thursday. There is no waiting and they are very friendly. (For waivers)

If you want to go to the airport, check with the GTAA website to see when they are open. I will also post it when I see it.

append delete #47. gene

Thanks John for thr info and sugestion. I just thought that by providing their P.O. box add. they have adopted the same filling procedure just like at St. Ste.Marie CBP office.

append delete #48. MIchelle

Hi all, my client went to deliver his paperwork to US Customs and they asked him if he did it on his own or if he hired a company; he stated he hired FPS Fingerprint Pardon Services. He said that they went to the computer and after a few minutes said yes, we will accept that company's paperwork. My client asked them if there are companies that they don't accept, and they said yes, that they are not accepting "shady" applications. This is the first time I have heard of this, and am wondering if anyone has been asked which company you hired? and or had your application refused because of the company you hired?

append delete #49. John Rogers

I just got back from a week in Las Vegas. No interesting US Customs stories unfortunately (or fortunately)

I will ask some clients if this is happening at any other borders (likely most will be from Ontario) and see if they give a clue as to whom they are not accepting waivers from.

append delete #50. John Rogers

Interesting case today. We are going to the airport (Pearson in Toronto) to fingerprint a Pardon client who is going to deported at 10 pm. He is obviously not allowed to come to our office and we want to fingerprint him and get forms signed before he leaves.

We have a mobile machine we are taking, so it will be interesting to fingerprint someone being detained like this. Canadian customs have actually been pretty accommodating up to this point. I'll update everyone on how it goes tonight.


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