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Pearson Intl Airport - Not taking Waivers until October 7 2017

John Rogers

The client has a criminal record in Canada but is not a citizen, so is being deported. He wanted to start a Pardon but is in detention. They consented to us fingerprinting him at the Airport before he got on the plane.

It was a stressful experience, as the facility is not really set up for such a request, but we got the fingerprints done, forms signed.

It took close to 2 hours in total, the security officers in charge (G4S Security) were not very helpful, but the request was unusual, and they did permit it, so we can't be too upset.

We can now do the Pardon HERE while the client resides back in his native country. His wife and children are here.

I assume we have the same equipment, so it just goes to show, if you get an opportunity to do this, it can be done successfully.


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