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Question about record suspensions

John Rogers

Quick poll:

Does everyone believe -

-lives and works in Brampton, most clients from Brampton
-does pardons (which need court documents from every conviction)
-does Waivers
-linked an article from the Globe and Mail about Brampton court
-has no incentive to lie, put the information up to inform people of the problem
-is currently living and working in Canada
-is willing to give anyone interested the phone number and email of the Supervisor in charge of the court clerks

-Does not do pardons
-has been outed for posting false things on here and his webpage
-calls John drunk from the UK and complains that John picks on him
-his office is in BC, 3 time zones and over 1000 km away from Brampton
-"Ummm we got a court file from them and it took 6 weeks...It was not that hard and the most work was printing off the letter and mailing it out" is a bit short on details
-is obsessed with rebutting John because people used to buy his "we do special September Letters" until John explained he was a scam artist
-is neither living or working in Canada right now and hasn't for months.


(Leave this as-is, it’s a trap!)

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