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RCMP Fingerprint Results

append delete adt83

Hey! I'm just wondering if any of you have recently applied for your fingerprints from the RCMP- and how long they took for you to get them? With their website saying "up to 120 days or more" and a recent email reply from them saying "can exceed 120 business days", it's all very vague.

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append delete #1. nina514

it takes about a month

append delete #2. Orchid168

if you have no records, or received a pardon already, it took 3-4 business days

append delete #3. Bunches99

It took me exactly 4 months to the day! They are backed up!

append delete #4. Bonnie

I got mine in 2 weeks

append delete #5. adt83

Thanks for all your answers. Unfortunately, I have a peace bond- which is a weird loop hole in the system. I can "ask" to have my fingerprints removed, but is at the discretion of the local police department. Frustratingly, it still triggers a match in the system. I submitted my request on May 17th and still waiting... Hopefully 4 months will be the max.

append delete #6. adt83

I just wanted to update for future inquirers that the results arrived today - 106 days in total .

append delete #7. JOHN ROGERS

we do fingerprints and obviously get some in the mail every day. With "no hit" they are fast, very fast. Some in a week. With a record attached 2-3 weeks in now the norm but sometimes there is the odd exception. Most waivers because of this can be done in 5 months total if you get your paperwork done on time. 2-3 weeks for prints, 4.5 months for Homeland Security.

For those of you who did prints in 2016, I know this is different than what you experienced but the RCMP was changing to a new system. Its all been fixed now and 95% of you should get your fingerprints VERY fast as compared to the past.

append delete #8. forgot

are you still applying for a waiver after having your fingerprints removed?

append delete #9. K SCOTT

The book says that if you have nothing in the RCMP Database meaning charges nor convictions...then those prints are processed quickly and you can get the results within a week or so. If any charges or convictions show up, then yes those can exceed 120 days or more. We always let our waiver clients know this before they get their prints taken. There is really no other way to speed them up. You will have to wait for them in the mail.


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