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RCMP Fingerprints for waivers, processing (wait) times?

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Does anyone have a general idea on RCMP fingerprint check processing times, whether you had one done at the police station or thru a company.

I kind of get the realization depending on the criminal record it could be as fast as a couple of weeks, to a standstill of nearly a year.

A simple guideline would be helpful ... this is my 1st waiver I am applying for and this forum has got some great tips and ideas on how to get it done myself instead of paying like thousands of dollars.

RCMP website says 120 days is the normal standard.

Thanks for the help!!

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@Jazzsax1 every single country that has cracked down on firearms after a massacre, including Australia and Japan, has seen a marked decrease in gun violence.

I don't see why a Canadian (even if you are a Conservative) has to gain by advocating the status quo. "Its a left thing" is ridiculous. Keeping people alive should be EVERYONE'S priority. If you put restrictions on guns, just like everywhere else, there would be less shootings.

Forget left or right. Show me a single statistic that shows shootings do not change when you put restrictions on guns. All I am seeing on Facebook and in chat rooms is statistics showing EVERY COUNTRY that restricted guns had a reduction in shootings. What are you seeing that is the opposite? Surely being Conservative doesn't mean you are automatically against gun control even if people die?

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@All, An important reminder to all individuals who have current waivers, or are applying for the waiver on their own.

Once you receive the waiver - it is VERY IMPORTANT to make copies and put them in various different safe places.

I have clients who have had their passports stolen with their waivers inside when house or vehicle was broken into.

The USA will charge you up to $585 USA funds to replace a lost, stolen or missing waiver. (If you do the following, your insurance company will pay for the cost to replace a waiver).

If you waiver is stolen

1. File a Police Report - (you should do this anyways if your passport is stolen). Clearly write a detailed description of the waiver: Example: I-192 Advance Permission to Enter the USA Travel Waiver (2 page document).

2. File a detailed description on the waiver on your insurance claim, even if you don't claim it, there should be a record for future.

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Hello, is everyone one on vacation? Just checking in...

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I was away but back for the rest of the year. I assume its the "dog days" of August now.

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No vacation for me until the 31st then off to sit on a beach in Cuba! Woo Woo!

John, I am coming out your way the 26th to 30th. If I have time I might swing by your office for a chat. Not sure yet though if I will be able to pop in.

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Talked to a lady who works for Canadian Paralegal and she said it is quite fast now 2 to 6 weeks

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@Jazzsax1 pop in anytime.

@James1967 for the past 2 years (might be longer) fingerprints have been extremely fast. We do a LOT of fingerprints, for things such as pardons and waivers, but also for employment, immigration, and the busiest category, Canadian Citizenship. We even do a lot of "card scan", that is, clients form outside the country who need their fingerprints digitized and submitted to the RCMP.

If you have no criminal record, 10 business days in the "norm". If you do, 3 weeks is the normal time, with some stretching to 4 weeks.

Remember, all fingerprints are mailed from Ottawa. So being in Brampton we obviously get them a bit faster than say Vancouver or St John's.

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#83, John Rogers...I swear they don't like Saskatchewan..LOL..we are still 4 - 6 weeks for criminal record results... WHY?? I don't know...have you heard anything regarding the E-safe program?

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@Michelle it must be distance. No other explanation. Obviously Ottawa-Toronto is a major mail "path". So I am sure the processing takes the same amount of time, but maybe the extra time is just Canada Post?

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