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RCMP Fingerprints for waivers, processing (wait) times?

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Does anyone have a general idea on RCMP fingerprint check processing times, whether you had one done at the police station or thru a company.

I kind of get the realization depending on the criminal record it could be as fast as a couple of weeks, to a standstill of nearly a year.

A simple guideline would be helpful ... this is my 1st waiver I am applying for and this forum has got some great tips and ideas on how to get it done myself instead of paying like thousands of dollars.

RCMP website says 120 days is the normal standard.

Thanks for the help!!

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Hi there,

I have recently obtained employment and In order officially work for the company I need complete a RIBO exam. I need to submit a criminal record with the application so I applied online for the standard criminal record search and two weeks later they asked me to go get fingerprints done. I did this and at the bottom of the form it specifically says that it could take 120 days if a record is found.

Now, when I was 18 years old (i'm now 28) I got charged for a simple assault and ended up getting a conditional discharge. I'm wondering because I have this on my record is it going to take 120 days? My new employment starts near the end of June and I'm getting really concerned since readying this that I may get fired if I don't provide the necessary background check by the time I need to do the exam.

From the comments above it seems like it shouldn't take that long but what to do you think? I want to put my mind at ease.

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@51, Michel, The reason you were asked to do fingerprints is "something" is showing on your criminal record , either a conviction or a history. The 120 days is a time frame that the RCMP have stated as it may take up to 120 days to process your check. If you received a conditional discharge as you stated, it would have been automatically removed from your criminal record 3 years from the date you were sentenced, and you would not need to be submitting fingerprints. Do you have something else on your record? or was your sentence something other than a Conditional Discharge? I am receiving most of my client's results within 4 to 6 weeks, however, the RCMP are very unpredictable, and can change the timeline at any moment. You should be prepared for the full 120 days.

append delete #53. JOHN ROGERS

Just a clarification, if you have NEVER been fingerprinted since your conditional discharge, it would STILL be on your record. The RCMP are supposed to remove the record after 3 years but they only do it when its brought to their attention.

Thats why you still get people with 10 year old conditional discharges being dinged at the border. Then they do fingerprints and the record is "seen" by the RCMP, and then removed. If you never do fingerprints, the record sits on CPIC. There is no RCMP mechanism to automatically purge anything.

append delete #54. John Rogers

Many clients are finding the waivers they ARE getting granted are taking at least a couple of weeks longer to arrive. This is due to the ongoing rotating mail strike.

We are finding our general mail is also hit and miss.

I talked to a Supervisor again at Pearson Intl Airport and it looks like they will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

I will keep checking and provide an update if anything changes.

In the meantime, use Niagara Falls and remember that is is also open Sundays 5-9 pm right now.


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