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Retroactive changes to criminal pardons violate charter rights, B.C. judge rules

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This could be great news for those of us that completed sentences when they raised the waiting period from 5-10 years!


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append delete #26. K SCOTT

Yes, John, it is 2018 and you are right in that everyone should be accepted. However, I not gonna stoop to your level and post inappropriate posts here like the one you posted in the FB group about me. This group is about helping people with waivers and we see no proof of your"seminars" or videos. We have youtube videos of me giving such seminars and we interview people on our internet talk radio show. It is great that you coach kids since they indeed need guidance growing up.

I am concerned about your apparent lack of experience/knowledge regarding these border crossing cases. You are the one that goes to Pearson walking up and down the aisle asking people if they need help with waivers. This is not how we do business in BC or Alberta.

We have done quite a few free cases for people and we give free information on our site in multiple areas. So please tell me how giving free information, doing free seminars and doing free cases for some people is soliciting? When was the last time that you have offered anything meaningful to the community besides coaching?

You are right that soliciting can be BS. So perhaps you should stop the focus on me and just be there for the clients instead of me. You are the very reason that we warn the public about Discount Waiver Companies. Thankfully, this term is actually spreading around the internet and people are not being fooled by DWC as much anymore. Ontario is full of them and my associates are slowly closing them down. It is all thanks to you.

append delete #27. JOHN ROGERS

Usual Ken Scott bullshit.

Are you going to be man enough to apologize or do we just consider you a homphobe and leave it at that? That's pretty despicable in 2018. If you had children, or associated with kids, you would realize that in 2018, usually only bitter old men say stupid shit like that. I have some clients that are gay, and are actually afraid to declare that they are married to a same sex partner on their application. Time to grow up and drop that from your lexicon. Seriously.

"My associates are closing them down"...you have 1 guy who works with you. You have no other associates.

I am still waiting for this supposed facebook post you found so offensive. Post it and lets see.

Pearson Intl Airport is not taking waivers and there was no "aisle" for me to walk down. You obviously have no idea what the waiver portion looks like or what you are taking about. I never walked up and down. I sit down and we all chat for 4 hours. I check everyone waiver for them as they wait. I bring extra copies of forms in case people have the wrong ones. Its a great place to stay in touch with what everyone in doing and what everyone is getting because you get to see a cross section of waivers that you haven't prepared. People waiting appreciate the review, clients appreciate not having to go early because I put their name on the list, and Homeland Security appreciates me telling the people who have the wrong documents to go home...its saves them a lot of time. Everyone wins.

append delete #28. K SCOTT

John, you really need to get some help I think. You say things and seem to forget them? Why is it that you cannot leave me alone and just focus on helping people in the group? You already know the things that you say but it is not worth the focus. Stick to what you know best...providing relevant links to things...Also, I can give you a job to help ya out. I am ok with that since I need someone for the Ontario region probably around Nov 2018 or so.

Obviously, you are not that busy since you have ample time to come here and talk about utter nonsense...lol

append delete #29. JOHN ROGERS

Great answer Ken. Like I said, usual Ken Scott bullshit.

append delete #30. K SCOTT

Thank you John for acknowledging that I have a great answer. Again, the focus should be on the people as opposed to focusing on me. I will indeed become a parrot since I find that I am constantly repeating myself to you.

append delete #31. toronto-many123

hello i applied for a pardon in august 2017 i am wondering how long to wait to get it.. assuming they say yes?
it was from over 25 years ago and i fall into those in Ontario and BC that can now get pardon for it.

i was thinking of calling them, but not sure I should. thanks in advance for any comments thanks!!

append delete #32. JOHN ROGERS

Calling who? Did you use a company or on your own?

If you did it on your own and it is at the Parole Board, its about a year.

Call them anyways. 1-800-874-2652

Some pardons that go to the Board are very quick. Rule of thumb...if you get the acknowledgement letter saying they have taken the $631 then look at it taking about a year. They skip the letter and just GRANT the pardon in certain cases where you have only summary convictions and the court documents can confirm this. This takes 1-3 months.

append delete #33. JOHN ROGERS

A friend I do MMA with and I thought would have trouble with just got his Pardon. It was at the Board barely a month. It came in this morning and I am quite shocked it was so quick. He had a lot of speeding tickets. Paid them all recently, but I still thought there would be an issue.

append delete #34. Michelle

@John Rogers, wow, that is great..sometimes things just go right...hopefully, this will become a trend with the PBC..

append delete #35. JOHN ROGERS

I have been finding some are getting much faster. The slow ones are still taking about a year at the board.

append delete #36. JOHN ROGERS

For those of you frustrated at waiting for the changes to the Pardon/Record Suspension process, this is a great example of why these things take so long.


While the Liberal Member Wayne Long makes some great points, its amazing that they want MORE TIME to study it. They suggest 9 months.

The NDP wants to go ahead immediately, and just reverse the changes, and the Conservatives are pretending that the changes never went far enough. One idiot actually says its not a barrier to getting hired, because he "used to own a business". Then he goes on to pontificate how people who own guns are being persecuted. Typical Conservative idiot.

Not a single mention of the fact that the Charter was breached in 2012 and SOMEONE should in fact be apologizing for making two brave individuals go to court to get those changes reversed in Ontario and BC.

append delete #37. Lilongwe

People who do something wrong against society's morals are often persecuted and punished. A society needs a system of laws in order for its people to be safe and protected. Each country or culture has its own rules which constantly change with time. Something that was a crime 20 years ago may no longer be unacceptable behavior today.

That being said, we are lucky to live in the western world where countries are more open and tolerable. However, there is still a social stigma attached to a person who violates the rules. Society is unable to distinguish between a true criminal and a person who made a simple mistake.

Since 9/11, North America has become paranoid and politicians or media like to attack a particular group of people as nobody will protect them. These people are the ones who have been charged, convicted or have been living as undocumented immigrants. Right wing politicians enjoy demonizing these individuals in order to divert public opinion from more serious issues at hand.

@John Rogers

You need to consider the above. You can see why Liberals are slow at reversing the changes made by Conservatives. Many people had a simple brush with the law. Canada has a system for second chances but a large portion of canadian society doesn't believe in second chances. The majority of Conservatives don't believe so either. Most US politicians do not. The media will surely cause a huge scandal over any attempt by Liberals to making pardons easier to get.

The NDP is serious about criminal reform but I wonder if they would tackle the issue if they were in power as they are as vocal in the opposition.

The Liberals have a very big issue at hand right now with weed legalisation. Once this issue is solved, I believe new legislation for criminal reform will be passed. Elections are up next year so you can only hope it happens before a Conservative win.

Many Conservatives have been showing their true colors as of late. They don't believe in gun control, support the death penalty and often threaten to reopen old debates that have been settled and accepted by most. I believe their ideas do not reflect canadian society but our society is changing. Many people feel vulnerable and the population is aging. The same generation which once was more open 40 years ago is now older and more frightened by recent world events.

Today's younger generation has more freedom than their parents, generally more focused on family, more educated and more law observing. That being said, some young adults choose to disobey and sadly throw their future away. A Conservative win in the next elections will surely make pardons even harder to get for these individuals who just begin adulthood. A simple DUI or assault conviction can also destroy the reputation of anyone with a loving family.

Nobody really cares about ex convicts, prisoners or criminals. Then why would politicians really care about criminal reform?

append delete #38. JOHN ROGERS

@LILONGWE well thats why we were heartened by the commitment to make changes by the Liberals. And the consultations were great, and asked the right questions, but I am hoping the end will soon be here and we can have a better system. Our system in 2010 was very fair. I woudl like them to go back to that.

append delete #39. JOHN ROGERS

Court documents may be needed when applying for a US Entry Waiver. Each court has their applicable fees for these documents. Please note that as of July 1st, 2018 all Saskatchewan courts will now be charging a $75.00 flat fee to request court documents regarding a US Entry Waiver. If you are doing a pardon (record suspension) that fee is going to be $100.00. Please contact your applicable court house for applicable fees.

Michelle, have you heard about this? Is there a way around this? Could this only be applicable to outside the province or everyone?

append delete #40. michelle

#39 John Rogers, I have been hearing this rumor for a while, although, my contact has not confirmed it yet.. I am going to call her today... I think it is a flat fee per court house..but still, many people have charges that are at several different courthouses. I am not sure how I am going to deal with this..currently, right now, I charge a flat fee that includes everything, but the USA Filing Fee and Parole Board Fee, I did this,because I hated going back and asking for more money..but now, I think I am going to have to charge a flat fee for my service, and then advise additional fees will follow once, I get the criminal record back. It is going to be a tough sale as people want to know total..and now I can't advise...I am curious how you guys work your pricing..because some court houses charge in Ontario too....Alberta charges $20 per conviction, which can get pricey also..but thankfully, most of my clients only have 1 or 2 convictions from there. I did have a client who had over $600 worth of Court documents, she cancelled her pardon..as it was just too much money...

append delete #41. JOHN ROGERS

They have finally put in a system to deal with offences that should have never been criminalized, such as same sex offences.

The Parole Board calls it an expungement.


This is not for possession of marijuana convictions.

-Same sex activity
-over 16 years old
-consent was present.


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