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Should I do my waiver myself?

append delete Allan S.

My Record suspension has been completed and I did It myself. My waiver makes me nervous However, immigration lawyers are expensive. Is the process easy? My pardon was easy and I hear it's more difficult than the waiver. Help!

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append delete #26. Vancity Girl

Does anyone know a lawyer in Vancouver that can help me with my waiver? I need someone that knows what they are doing.

append delete #27. Jeffr1

Hsu Law Office
Law Firm
Address: #217 - 2630 Croydon Drive, Surrey, BC V3Z 6T3, Canada
Phone:+1 604-600-3328

append delete #28. Singh5555

I completed waiver process myself with no help. I simply followed all instructions. First time I applied I was approved in 3 months for 5 year waiver. It's not rocket science.. very simple process. All instructions are provided and you just have to follow that.

append delete #29. JOHN ROGERS

Vancity Girl, do not go to an Immigration lawyer. Also were you denied entry? If not...DO NOT DO A WAIVER!!!

If you read through this forum, you will see that myself and others have listed the exact requirements for doing a waiver. My posts are recent and up to date. If you did a Record Suspension on your own, you will find the Waiver similar but much quicker. Ignore court documents unless you have them on hand, you fingerprints will come up "blank" so remember your "Record Suspension" is your proof of Criminal Record.

If you want some advice, you can text or call me at 416-843-1371

append delete #30. K SCOTT

Vancity Girl you may or may not even need a waiver. I think you spoke to my Surrey BC office Manager about getting a waiver before on the forum. He runs the Surrey Office and he could see you either in Burnaby or Surrey. You do not need a lawyer to just get a waiver but you may qualify to get permanently cleared...depend on the offence. I am an Immigration Law Analyst. Waivers are a different thing than a pardon.

Plus it is not necessarily true that if you are not denied entry that you don't need a waiver. John is referring to the procedure where they seal the conviction and CBP can't see it. However, this method is risky since sometimes they can still see it. Also, they have other methods to get the information anyway.

You can call me at 1 888 908-3841 or 604 332-9213. We can sort this out quickly.


append delete #31. JOHN ROGERS

If a person is removed from CPIC, and they have never been denied entry, explain EXACTLY the "method" that would let Homeland Security see anything? Not in a vague way, but SPECIFICALLY the database or mechanism?


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