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I have been waiting for 7 months now to hear back from the aro office. This is my first time applying for a waiver. I submitted my application 2 months after I was denied entry. I decided to call customs and by giving them my aro number they were able to see that my file was "pending denial" does anyone know why it would take them 7 months to deny me? I still have no even received a letter if denial.

My reason for insdmissibilty had to do with me having a sugar daddy and having an account with seeking arrangments, they assumed i was going to the states to engage in the act of prostitution. I have no criminal record,I have not even been charged with prostitution. Im really confused I have seen people get approvals for way worse.

Any advice or comments as to why you may think they would deny me would be greatly appreciated . I am so confused

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What i have read is that it takes waaaaayyy longer than 2 months to show "rehabilitation" to the ARO. It's not an appeal.

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@Jeffr1 -thnx for the reply. I know you have to prove rehabilitation for certain offences but ive also heard for this specific offence rehabilitation is not required. When i got turned away i asked when i could apply for the waiver and the officer told me anywhere from 2-3 months. I could be wrong but this is what i have been hearing , i also spoke with another cbp officer that told me my file can be pending denial while waiting for additional info so im not sure what is going on.

Do you or anyone else know if cbp officers can see the progression of your application with ARO ? Every now and again I call customs to see if they can give me an update, sometimes they say it has not been decided yet, and this time one told me pending denial. I was also told that a cbp officer cannot give me information about the status of my waiver because thats ARO's job. Overall she was telling me not to take what the cbp officer had told me about my file "pending denail" as 100% facts.

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ARO is the ultimate deciding factor ...CBP can't give you any details.

If it's a 1st time waiver... it can be a very long wait time for denial or approval.

50/50 chance.

Prostitution is a CIMT, not taken likely....even if you 'are not a worker' ( no judgement ).... just the way you probably said your story to CBP officer is in the computer for the rest of your natural life....and the approving officer your file fell on at there desk is either on a good/bad day so it's up to them.....they can take however long they feel is necessary.

If they send you a denial letter, wait for 5 years and re-apply again.... 5 years wait time is the standard.


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