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Trump change

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Trump will be meeting with Trudeau and the Mexican president very soon to start negotiations over trade, border security, and immigration.

Who thinks the Waiver program will get cancelled?

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Biting my nails as I wait. I'm almost at the 3 month mark and hoping I'll get my first one before he has a chance to change the rules. :(

append delete #2. RS

I wrote a post about Trump and what it means for your waiver.

Waiver will not get cancelled, but IMO it will get harder than it is right now.

I have seen a glimpse in to the proposed changes in the application from an insider @ DHS... lets put it this way, average timeline was 6 months for renewals, double it in a few more months as he will revamp a lot of policies on travel.

Trump is all about MONEY...and making a living hell for people to travel in and out of America for any criminal record.

Canadians and the rest of the world can thank all those dummies in America for voting that idiot in as the POTUS....as he will make us all suffer for waivers.

append delete #3. eve

Can you share a little more about proposed changes?

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I can not go in to great detail, but basically the old forms were just a couple of pages for I-I92 application ...the new ones are outrageous and ridiculous at best asking for every little information, next thing you will know they ask when did you masturbate last its getting that effin badd.

The $585 US fee for the waiver is still available for the Canadians, if your from across the board in Canada... that translates to roughly almost $800 CDN ....give or take a few dollars for the exchange rate.

I feel bad as it will rise up to $900+ US dollars and that is a heavy burden for people coming from overseas, as many will be saving pennies just to see if they qualify for a waiver.

DHS will get stricter from an inside source who predicts that TRUMP will do everything in his power to keep criminals out, no matter how severe the consequences was.

Lawyers stand to benefit greatly of his regime for the next 4 years, everyone else whether you pay someone to do your waivers or do it on your own WATCH OUT!

Keep an eye out on the DHS / CBP website as they will update when they want.

For those people who say it's not rocket science on doing a waiver, not everyone has the ability or confidence to handle this daunting task, this is why this forum is created, but feel free to help them out for free and prepare their waiver for them I dare you.... 99% won't give their services out for free they will say it's easy and do it on your own. ( Yeah good luck with that )

append delete #5. eve

Thanks @RS

Agree that while you can do these on your own, given my personal disorganization I did use a service to help me. I wanted to be sure I had everything in order and presented in the best light. I do believe that service has been valuable to me and worth the money I paid. Otherwise I might still be struggling to pull everything together. Now praying for a positive outcome.


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