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RE[10]: Waiver Question


K-1 visas have been a specialty of mine for years. Its an easy visa to get since the onus is on the couple to really just prove that they are indeed a couple. I even like to watch 90 day Fiance! LOL

I have done L-1 but not in a few years. TN Visas are so easy, there is no need to hire anyone for that.

An I-601 is not a difficult application at all. I sometimes just a talk a client through it if they have been a client for many years and they do it themselves. Nothing complex about it at all.

Can John and Ken be friends? Sure! I just give the straight truth, because credibility is everything to me. Some people will decide to do their own waivers, some people will hire someone. I pay to get my taxes done, but some people do it themselves. My clients are loyal because I always deliver on what I say I will.

You don't run a sustainable business by pretending something is so complex just to get business, or on the promise that "maybe I can get you off the waiver program". Always be upfront and honest. If your reputation is that you are a straight shooter and honest, you will get plenty of business. No need for half truths or deception.

The truth is both Ken and I do waivers. We take a different approach to how we get business. I won't accept money unless you KNOW all the facts about what you are going to get, and a reasonable estimate on time and length of waiver. I charge a reasonable fee for what I do. My goal is that you come back, and keep coming back because your happy.

September letters are rare. They happen sometimes, and its a happy bonus when it does. But I would not base a business model on something that is not 90% likely everytime, to me that would be dishonest.

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