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What are some reasons that your waiver can get declined? Anybody know of any?

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Hey all,

Quick question. I got convicted 9 years ago for trafficking. It was a very small amount of cocaine. I know USA is very tough on drugs. I feel that now is a good time for me to apply as it has been just about a decade.

I have not had any run ins with police whatsoever or anything ever since. I actually moved to the other side of the country (Ontario) to get a fresh start and start a new life.

Is there anything that can get you rejected? Other than getting in trouble again?
For example, traffic tickets? Parking tickets? Etc.

Also, has anybody else here had experiences with drug charges? I heard I'll never be elegible for a green card but I can still do the waiver.

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Hello Living,

My boyfriend was similar except not cocaine, marijuana. Close to 10 years prior, turned his life around and is a licensed electrician working full time at the same place for about 10 years.

Your letter of remorse can set out the steps you took to improve your life and that you are drug free and a responsible citizen.

Only criminal charges affect your US entry not traffic violations (or practically nobody could go ... ha ha ha). Even a DUI you do not need a waiver by any other criminal charges.

My boyfriend got his first 5 year waiver within 3 months.

Not sure about a Green Card but the Waiver is definitely possible.


append delete #2. 6Living

He definately had a very good case for his waiver.

For someone to be in a company for 10 years is very rare. That DEFINATELY helps his case. In my case though, since my conviction, I also suffered a injury therefore I wasn't able to do any trades/construction for couple years, plus 90% of normal jobs wouldn't hire me because of my record. Then Stephen Harper made me wait 10 years before I could apply for a pardon. I have stayed 100% out of trouble but I've had many different jobs. Mainly because of how difficult it is to find a good job with a criminal record I found myself at many jobs that nobody wanted and wasn't happy in any of them. I hope that doesn't affect my case. I have recently started going back to college. I talked to few different attorneys and they said they believe I can win but I'm sure they are going to say that no matter what?

append delete #3. 6Living

I am aiming to recieve my Advanced Diploma in Business Administration (3 year program) at the exact time I can get my pardon. Hopefully they will understand that.

append delete #4. Bunches99

It doesn't matter how long you've been at your job. Write your letter and do not be all poor me poor me. Be remorseful and give details about how you changed your life. Based on what you've said I highly doubt you will be denied.

You should include stuff like "I continue to pay for my crime by not be able to get employment at certain jobs, my parents have also been punished by my stupidity as I have not been able to attend our yearly family reunion in the U.S. due to my poor decision. Stuff like that. Take responsibility!!!!!!!! That is the biggest thing!!! I have heard of people being denied because they were not remorseful enough and another guy in Vancouver because he never talked enough about how his children were and are affected by his crimes.

append delete #5. JOHN ROGERS

Right now if you have a 5 year, a 10 year or a 20 year ban you will NOT get a waiver. Also any sexually based offences. I had many clients who were simply renewing their waiver and even with a past 5 year waiver and a conviction as old as the 60's the answer now is "no". Thats since March, which makes sense because thats 4 months after Trump changed the head of Homeland Security to John Kelly. again, any questions, call me at 416-843-1371.

append delete #6. K SCOTT

This is not necessarily true about the bans since we are still getting them approved. We are also still getting 5-year waivers for first timers. It good for the client. I don't know why we are getting 5-year waivers for these first-time people. We have some sexual assault cases pending and will inform about the outcome. Give us a shout at
1 888 908-3841 or 604 332-9213. Ken

append delete #7. 6Living

How do I know if I have a 5,10 or 20 year ban?

append delete #8. K SCOTT

Well they would have probably told you at the border. It is hard to answer your question without more info. There are so many factors involved. Honestly, the best way is to check to see what info that DHS has on you in the system and then analyzing it. The entire process could take 6 months to get all the info in since these agencies are as slow as turtles. We could do it or you could. Either way, it can take forever for these agencies to respond. Trump has slowed everything down to include these waiver cases. Ken 604 332-9213


append delete #9. 6Living

K Scott... so if I for some reason have a 5 or 10 year ban, then my 10 years would be done. But if I have a 20 year ban, what I'm saying his world makes you think that I will come to you? You seem to be bullshitting people in different threads to drum up business for yourself.

append delete #10. 6Living

K Scott.. I tried calling you several times and went straight to voicemail... nothing

append delete #11. JOHN ROGERS

Before May I found that even with a 20 year ban, if 5 years had elapsed, you could still get a waiver. Right now, I find they are enforcing the ban to the maximum. You would know if you have a ban, they usually specify it vs just denying you entry.

Most people who come to me with a ban have paperwork with the various time periods checked off. 5, 10 or 20 years.

If you think you have a ban, simply stay "in the loop" and when Trump departs hopefully, things will change once again.


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