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Where to submit my i-192 waiver application - Saint John?

append delete sjnb

So I'm in Saint John, NB and going for my first waiver. Filled everything out with help from the kind folks here on this website. Anyone know if I'm best head to the border or take a trip to Halifax? Halifax has a pre-clearance but not even sure if they process them waivers.

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append delete #1. Tim

I'd phone Halifax pre-clearance (902-873-7780) and ask if they have a wicket to process US Entry Waivers. They probably do it there, as they do it at most other pre-clearance locations.

append delete #2. traveldude

Halifax only does 2 per week I believe and are booked
quite far ahead ( 6 months!)...I think you can get done at border anytime...

append delete #3. Frank Jr.

Here you go:


Halifax Robert L. Stanfield International Airport
1 Bell Boulevard (Level 2)
Enfield, Nova Scotia, Canada B2T 1K2
(902) 873-7780 (as Tim mentioned above)

Calais Port of Entry
3 Customs Street
Calais, ME 04619
Phone: (207) 904-3001

Houlton Port of Entry
27 Customs Loop
Houlton, ME 04730
Phone: (207) 532-2131 x 0
Fax: (207) 532-4153

To be sure that you get the best selection of appointments, I would probably go with the Houlton, Maine port of entry since they would accommodate the most traffic as it is the start of Interstate 95. But you never know on the other 2, and they don't list their hours for waiver processing as they do for the ports in the Buffalo Field Office area.

append delete #4. SjMan

Hey SJNB, did you ever figure this out? I'm in SJ too and am wondering what my best move is.

append delete #5. John Rogers

i will post this here for now.

I had a client yesterday at 3:30 go to the Rainbow Bridge (Niagara Falls Ontario) to hand in his waiver. They let him in and he sat for 45 minutes, just to be told that they would not take his waiver because of the government shutdown.

A couple of things:

1.) First incident like this I have heard about
2.) He is going to try another border closer to his home (Sarnia) today
3.) They let him in to the building, which means the border guy thought they WERE still taking waivers, it was the 'inside guy' who told him no
4.) The client did not have the time to wait an hour and go back in (my suggestion)

Anyone else heard/seen any incident like this? It happened on Tuesday January 16th, 2019.

append delete #6. Michelle

@John Rogers, I sent a few clients to Regway, MT POE last week, and a that time they were still accepting waiver applications. However, yesterday, I sent a client to the same place, and the officers"refused" to accept his application, telling him that his convictions did not warrant applying for a Waiver. Although, he has been previously denied. I am thinking they may have done this "just because they did not want to do the work". I am going to phone down today to see if they are still accepting applications. I will update this site ASAP and please keep us updated of any news you hear. I am getting worried!!!

@Ken Scott, any updates or changes with your clients?

append delete #7. Michelle

All, I spoke to Raymond, MT POE about my client from yesterday, this seems to be another matter. There were inexperienced Officers working and so my client will go back :(.

The good news, is that the Officer I spoke to confirmed that they are accepting the I-192 applications, although they have very limited staff to do this, and to call ahead instead of assuming that experienced personal will be there to assist people.

The Officer did advise that Head Office is down to "skeleton" staffing, and processing of I-192 is going to be delayed up to 2-3 months longer then normal. So I will be advising clients that it may take up to 15 months for a regular waiver at this time.

So, I recommend to anyone, start your waiver now, as the backlog will only get worse as time goes by.

append delete #8. John Rogers


I just got word form a client who went on Sunday, but just called me today, Rainbow Bridge would not take his waiver application.

So that is 2 clients, one on Sunday, one on Tuesday, saying they are not taking waiver right now because of government shutdown.

append delete #9. Tom cole

Halifax airport is the best and the staff are friendly not like what I expected. They do them on Sunday's and Wednesday's but call ahead for appointments

append delete #10. travelover

go to Calias - no appointment necessary

sone of them are very nice

append delete #11. jm

I went to Calais....in and out in an hour or so....

Very professional and simple.

append delete #12. John Rogers

Government shutdown.

Lets do a roll call of locations:

Niagara Falls - Not taking Waivers right now. 2 clients, one last Sunday and one Tuesday both turned away.

Everyone list the date and the location they went/had someone go most recently so we can keep track.

append delete #13. NO DUMMY

Ken Scott is working for me now. He finally got my case cleared end of Novemberand I got his peopleworking on clearing all ofmy boys across Canada. I gots bout 1000'sall across Canada so i got monopoly on his firm and time. so dont bug him since he is still try to catching up on the workpile that we dumped on them. So yeah Johnboy he is well andfine. Dont worry bout him.

He is da best in this business and i never thought in million years he would get me cleared and i gotta a long sheet and a lotta stuff. I got everything from Consipracy to traffic to false statements and perjusry. I got like 10 american federal convictions and did 10 yearsat and 5 at LOMPOC. So yeah I joke with him that he works for me now. HAHAHA

Ken told me not to tell nothgin bout my convictiosso i aint sayinnothin. All of you need to use him if you can afford the prices. I paid 10K but it worthit

append delete #14. John Rogers


"Works for you"...but not in the spell check department I see. I hope your not doing Pardons and Waivers.

So all references removed of him on the companies website means he has moved on?

append delete #15. John Rogers

Government Shutdown is temporarily over.

Waiver Stuff, I have a few clients that will be headed to places this week to hand in their waivers. I will advise as soon as I know more. Today is a massive snowstorm in the GTA, so no one in MY area is handing their waivers in.

I will update when I hear more!!

append delete #16. jazzsax1


Massive Snowstorm in GTA

Winnipeg.... "You call that snow?"

append delete #17. jazzsax1


In case you were wondering, the rest of Canada still thinks the GTA are a bunch of panzies for calling in the army when you got snow under the Mel lastman regime.

Never going to live that one down!~

append delete #18. John Rogers

Well Mel Lastman was a huge panzy, and most of us never liked him.

This was a record snowfall for us in the GTA, so no army but inconvenient all the same.

I think the difference is perception, but also cars. I live in a SUBURB that is bigger than Winnipeg. (Brampton is about 700k) So the entire GTA includes a lot of cars. I know in Winnipeg you simply walk to the General Store, or simply take your canoe everywhere, but its more complex here.

append delete #19. jazzsax1

Well let's be honest here and I will point out your innacuracies.

Most of us never liked him -

- most may not have liked him but they still voted him in as mayor so that tells you something. He got "most" of the votes

I live in a suburb that is bigger than winnipeg

- Brampton is not a Suburb. It is a city. You might call it a suburb but technically it is a city, has it's own mayor (who is a douchenozzle), own services, own taxes and funding

- Brampton population for metro area might be 700K, but civic area is approx 600K. Winnipeg is 770K for metropolitan area, 700k for civic area. 10% is still a significant difference.

- the only reason your population in brampton is as big as it is relates to the ethnic makeup, and how they buy property / live multiple families in the same dwelling. Far more common of an occurance and causes its own density issues.

It's not complex. I lived in the GTA for years. It's solely a density issue. And then all the people moving out of the city but working in the city. Driving 1 to a car instead of using the Go train or other transport. Winnipeg is more geographically spread out than you think, just like Calgary.

GTA gets the bulk of foreigners coming to Canada because they think "ooo toronto canada's biggest city let's move there" instead of "let's move where there's opportunity and reasonable housing".

-49 in Winnipeg with the windchill today. Even your balls would freeze off John.

append delete #20. John Rogers

I didn't realize that Winnipeg was that big actually. I see 705K.

Why are all these people putting up with such cold?? LOL

That is very cold, I will agree. And we do realize the GTA is much more tropical than the rest of Canada.

Brampton is a unique place. The mayor who was very corrupt (Susan Fennell) let the developers build willy nilly. We have too many cars and the 410 is the busiest highway in the GTA right now. (I mean the busiest by how slow it is to drive, the 401 surely gets more cars)

Peel now borders on the edge of Georgetown (Winston Churchill is the border now) and its ridiculous.

I live 10 minutes form my office so I am very lucky. Commute is the #1 complaint in the GTA right now.

I think immigrants prefer the GTA because there is a community for everyone here, and that makes people more comfortable. Relatives might be in this area. Also the weather.

For my business, my location is perfect. My kids are colorblind and we are progressive and multicultural. I don't know what it is like to grow up anywhere other than here, so to be fair, its what I am used to.

append delete #21. jazzsax1

Yeah Winnipeg is that big and growing.

They put up with it because they like their life where it is, and like to stay still, but some of them pack up and leave for greater pastures. Urbanites tend to be more NDP/Liberal, suburban and rural more conservative, except for the North which is more reserve land and traditionally NDP.

Most don't have the option to move unless they have a career that supports it or want to take a chance. Traditionally they aren't risk takers.

Yeah 410 is insanely busy. Was on it a few weeks ago and it was awful. Thankfully my shuttle driver knew all the shortcuts and got us to the airport quickly. Most mayors are similar though, Developers either pad their pockets (same thing happened in Winnipeg and Montreal), or pad the pockets of the bureaucrats and councillors.

Immigrants go where the family is, and/or where the perceived opportunity is. If a city doesn't advertise it's unknown. Hence why the bulk of immigrants go to Toronto, Vancouver and MOntreal as primary landing points in that order.

We used to live in Rexdale... so we know what community and being colourblind is like.

append delete #22. John Rogers

Waiver Applicants:

As you probably guessed, you are now able to submit your waiver at Niagara Falls now that the shutdown is over.

I have had 3 clients all submit successfully since.


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