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Which port of entry

append delete Ruby

Hi..we are ready to submit the waiver. My husband wanted to go to Pearson airport but I think it might be too busy. Is it okay..do you need an appointment first or just show up? My brother says its better to go to Niagara Falls as its less busy. Which border is best? Any help on this?
Thank you. Does anyone know the waiver applications times in Niagara. There are three different ports of entry there> Not sure which one to use.
Thank you

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append delete #1. Frank Jr.

In May I went to Buffalo at the Peace Bridge. Mondays thru Thursdays from 5-9 pm (yes, those are weird hours) but I got processed in and out and on my way in less than 90 minutes.

:: @Frank Jr. added on 05 Aug ’16 · 01:53

And just a quick note that at the height of the tourist season now it may not the best time to submit at the Rainbow Bridge (Niagara Falls, NY) port of entry due to the high volume of traffic. I've never tried the Lewiston port of entry but Buffalo has worked okay for me.

:: @Frank Jr. added on 05 Aug ’16 · 01:55

No appointments were necessary, it was first come, first served. All 3 times I have been there I was the only applicant for a waiver being processed.

append delete #2. Ruby

Do they take visa there..how did you pay

append delete #3. Frank Jr.

Yes, in fact I used a Visa card there at the cashier.

append delete #4. Gene

Hi Frank Jr. or anybody who has experience submitting their waiver application at RainbowB./Peace Bridge port of entry. My question is, do I go up straight to the border guard while I'm inside my vehicle or I have to park my car before the toll/ US point of entry and walk towards their office to submit my US waiver application? thanks

append delete #5. JOHN ROGERS

The best port of entry is the Rainbow Bridge, Niagara Falls.

Monday-Thursday, 2-9 Sundays 5-9.

Its easy to find, just go to the city of Niagara Falls, follow signs to falls, then "Bridge to USA".

Drive up "I am not here to cross, just to hand in my waiver".

Less than an hour and no waiting. This Bridge does not allow heavy Trucks, so you are never stuck. Also the only one with Sunday nights. (October to May)

append delete #6. Gene

Thanks John, for the information. Now I can visualize what I'm going to do.

append delete #7. JOHN ROGERS

Toronto Pearson Airport, still not taking in Waivers as of February 24 2018.

append delete #8. lola

Hi! First time on this website and I’m going to the Montreal airport (Pierre-Elliott Trudeau) tomorrow morning to submit my waiver application (I had a conditional discharge for fraud under 5000$). I have a few questions, I know I’m last minute but it would help me reduce my stress (a lot) if someone (or people) could help me.
1. Is there some sort of interview once you get there? If yes, what kind of questions should I be expecting ?
2. What time should I get there? I heard they only pass 12 people a day, so some get there REALLY early (like 4am...) ?
3. Once I get my waiver (if I get it), what can I expect at the US customs for my next trips to the USA ?
4. And also, could I ever live in the USA or should I just give up on that dream?
Thank you!!!

append delete #9. JOHN ROGERS

Call my associate in Montreal for specific information on the Airport. 514-733-8571. His name is Manni.

No interview. Just handing in your waiver, being fingerprinted, and paying $585.00 They will do some data entry as well.

When you travel by land, you will get an I-94 card and a secondary inspection every 6 months. By air a secondary inspection every 6 months but no card. The secondary they run you through CPIC and check you on their computer.

Yes you can still do a "green card" one day. When you apply, you will get to a part where they will realize you are 'inadmissible' without a waiver and will requite an I-601. I have had many clients who have gone on to green cards, mainly through sponsorship. I have even done K-1 visas myself.


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