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Donald J. Trump as US. President and what it means for you & your waiver! ( I-194)

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Once Trump is in office in 2017, regardless how people's waivers are going new laws will be introduced.

If you have a waiver pending, your chances are good to get the 3-5 years unless it was your first time applying then expect a 1 year waiver, but wait times are between the 9-18 month zone if not longer or less for first time (1) year waiver.

Trump does not like criminals, or people from colored race.... THAT IS A FACT!

His slogan make "America Great Again" is basically saying make "AMERICA WHITE AGAIN"

He will add more headache to an already volatile situation @ DHS, which was so over-burdened with waiver applications, they just started with giving out 5 year ones if it was a renewal. This is the first time it was ever done cause of the back log, and now with Trump it looks like the wait times will even be greater so to speak.

Changes to the forms have already begun which are getting more complex and sophisticated, and with greater fear the prices "WILL" go up also... it will go even higher just have to wait for it.

This is a great forum for accessing knowledge, but even that's not going to be enough in the coming next "four" years as only sources close if not reliable to DHS will slowly trickle out information, making immigration lawyers wealthy.

I don't believe in this, but people who help on waivers need to make a living also, so for those who rely on this site...get ready for the people who will ask both your arms and legs for help for "FREE" ... it won't be free cause no one will freely share there opinions... it will cost every one because well the majority of racists voted for Trump and his allowance of GHBTP!

No one ever gives away trade secrets...especially if you have to gain from one!

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append delete #1. Marie Perrin

@RS Trump needs more money for that "WALL" he's going to build. Glad you helped us get my BF his waiver in early 2016. At least I know we are good to enter till his term ends in 4 more years.

Feel real sorry for those applying in 2017, he's a complete mess and it's going to be a fucking wild ride with that man in charge!

append delete #2. RS

@Marie Perrin,

Trump...... KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE.... going forward......MEXICAN WALL.... only 10 million per mile .....no problem...some country will pay for it...but not AMERICA!!

Justin Trudeau... yeaaaaah I have no idea what I am doing... I am a LIEBERAL....err I mean Liberal king of selfies every where I go.

Both these men, have ruined 2 great nations ... I cant wait for more bullshit between both of them.... it just makes my life doing waivers more money.

append delete #3. smac


How much do you charge to assist with getting a waiver? I have 5 criminal charges that are all greater than 18 years old and one of which was for aggravated assault. I believe the aggravated assault charge is considered to be a crime of moral turpitude.


append delete #4. RS


Have you ever had a waiver before? The more complex for CIMT the more the price is...that is the honest truth.

append delete #5. smac

No, I have not had a waiver previously. Is the process different for crimes involving moral turpitude? I had assumed the same waiver form was used and the same documents had to be supplied.

Can you let me know what is different and what additional information is required?


append delete #6. RS


Nothing is different except forms, the process is the same and all necessary documents apply , fingerprints, court records, the same ol stuff.., but CIMT has to be "bulletproof" for your reason to enter. In order for a first time waiver the process is long and drawn out with several months waiting time, with Trump and all his revamping the faster you get the I-192 application in better.

append delete #7. smac

How much do you charge?

append delete #8. RS


I charge in US dollars and I am located in Vancouver, BC. My fees start @ $900+ USD for a single charge depending on how strong you must make your petition to U.S and with 5 convictions it goes up to $1500+ USD.

Those are just base fees....nothing is cheap nowadays..... not with TRUMP as he forced CBP head to resign, he's going to change it with DHS and watch out...with his one sided laws...you can guarantee no one will know how to apply.

append delete #9. Lilianne

My husband has a salmon coloured waiver card. Apparently it is indefinite until revoked. We are going to Alaska on a cruise this spring and don't know if we need an I-94 as well or if they will take his waiver away. Do you know where I can find information. He's not a kid, he's 70 years old

append delete #10. Bunches99

Either way it's too late to get a waiver. They take at least 12 months start to finish if you're quick. Call customs and talk to an agent.

append delete #11. eve


He's very fortunate, this is the previous permanent border crossing card. He doesn't need a waiver.

append delete #12. Adams

In 2015 I received a one year waiver, then attended the US embassy for renewal, I was told I'd be getting five years but would need to wait for waiver, after six months wait I was informed last month that it was denied indefinitely. Most unusual for this to happen after a recommendation from the embassy
Now I'm not sure what to do, appeal??

append delete #13. HATS HATS

@ Adams

I think you should boycott our southern neighbors for a while as they have become completely delusional. We live in a pretty bad time where criminals seem to be the cause of all problems alongside immigrants. Canada is no exception to this rule.

You have 30 days to appeal but don't count on it. The system is flawed and there is nothing you can do about it. Visit Europe or the Caribbean, they don't care about your past but that might change in the future. Take advantage of the opportunities you still have.

I recently received a conditinal discharge after a lunatic neighbor filled bogus charges on me. Anyways, it's something I want to forget but I know my travelling days are pretty much done. I don't have a record or so they say in this country but how employers or foreign immigration officials see this is beyond my control. I won't travel to the US and filling for a waiver is ridiculous. ARO recently changed their rules but with that lunatic in power, good luck to us all. As of January 2017, ARO issues 5 year waivers to both first timers and renewals. They are judged on a case by case basis, so hopefully for the best.

append delete #14. Ahmed

Hi folks,
I dont have any criminal records in Canada or US but they've forced me to apply for the waiver , first one was for 1 year then another one for 3 years , now i have to renew it ... is there a way to get tif of it if you don't have any convictions ?

append delete #15. ABC


Where you born outside of Canada? Cause If your home country isn't Canada and you have a criminal record where you were born, you by definition are considered an ALIEN and will need a waiver.

append delete #16. Cad88

I applied for my first time during obama. I waited forever and only got 1 year. I applied this January and I got my 5 year waiver today! Seems to be better than ever under Trump. Everyone is getting a 5 year waiver and not a long wait to get back.

append delete #17. John Rogers

I will put this link here. Toronto Star.


WASHINGTON—Canadians will be barred from entering the United States for smoking marijuana legally, for working in Canada’s legal marijuana industry and for investing in legal Canadian marijuana companies, a senior U.S. Customs and Border Protection official says.

Todd Owen, who spoke to the U.S. website Politico, said the U.S. does not plan to change its border policies to account for Canada’s marijuana legalization, which takes effect on Oct. 17.

Canadian perspective: If you like smoking the occasional spliff, keep it under your hat when talking to U.S. border agents; they regard this as an illegal act, even though marijuana will soon be legal in Canada and is already in some U.S. states.
Canadian perspective: If you like smoking the occasional spliff, keep it under your hat when talking to U.S. border agents; they regard this as an illegal act, even though marijuana will soon be legal in Canada and is already in some U.S. states. (GLENN RUSSELL / AP FILE PHOTO)

“We don’t recognize that as a legal business,” said Owen, executive assistant commissioner for the office of field operations.

Owen’s comments corroborated anecdotal reports that have accumulated over the course of the year. Canadians with links to the nascent legal industry, including venture capitalist Sam Znaimer and the chief executive of a B.C. agricultural machinery company, have already been given lifetime entry bans.

Owen said border officers will not begin asking every Canadian about their marijuana use.

He said, however, that officers might ask if “other questions lead there,” or “if there is a smell coming from the car,” or if a dog detects marijuana residue.

append delete #18. MIchelle

#17, thanks John Rogers, I have a question, did any of your clients who have current Medical Marijuana licences have problems getting a waiver. None of mine did, as long as there was a valid Licence and Doctors letter.

append delete #19. jazzsax1

#17 that would make sense --- medical marijuana licenses could mean you don't even smoke the marijuana, you might be taking it in pill form, butter, etc. From a doctor for medical purposes is far different than buying an illegal street drug. That said, interesting to see how this impact people.

append delete #20. HatsBootsHatsBoots

We all knew that weed legalization would create problems crossing the border.

The US going hysterical over a plant is nothing new. The current administration is all about security, criminalizing and traumatising the public about immigrants. The war on drugs has failed but it's more profitable to continue criminilazing.

We are seeing the same rhetoric going on throughout the western world to deter voters from the real problems ahead. A trend that I hope dies down.

Waivers are a money grab as usual and as Canadians, we must become more vigilant to answering questions at the border. I just hope Canada doesn't fall in the same trap come election time.

We still have politicians here claiming to make adultery and abortion illegal again based on religious beliefs if they get elected. They don't want certain immigrants however they do share the same beliefs.

US states are legalizing pot so I expect one day, the federal government to do the same.

append delete #21. John Rogers

@Michelle when I have clients with licenses, I have been advising them to hide it.

My concern right form the beginning with this Govt has been that once you reveal a licence, you cannot "take that back" and I was worried that it might show the person "is still involved in using narcotics" even though the whole thing is ridiculous.

I told them that you can always show it in the future when things have "stabilized" but I was worried about the possible ramifications of being honest about it to this government.

Its new ground, and I prefer to reveal less until I know more.

append delete #22. K SCOTT

#21You are correct as we have a big problem with this issue in BC. IF CBP gets a single indication that you are involved with Marijuana, you are screwed. Then there is a high possibility that you will need a waiver and not likely will qualify for A September Letter...since now they do the sworn statements much better and they are hard to overturn now.

We do have a page on our site regarding this topic as we have been preaching for a long time now. If you admit to weed smoking or any involvement in the Cannabis industry like employment, investments or more...you are screwed.


append delete #23. K SCOTT

Now they are really gonna ramp up screening after October 17th and people need to be aware of what happens when you admit to smoking weed. We are trying to make people aware of the system that is in place

Also, note that this is a blog that we wrote in August 2016. Ignore the September Letter part since you likely will only qualify for a waiver. The point is that people need to understand how the system is designed and show you how you can protect yourself from harm.


append delete #24. jazzsax1

Man, so many peoples border crossing ease might go up in smoke! (har har har)


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