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Last name spelled wrong on waiver.

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I received my second waiver today, good for 5 years, took 4.5 months to get.
They've spelled my last name wrong!! Who should I contact about this? Has this happened to anyone else?

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Hopefully you have your original first waiver still if that one had your actual correct last name without being re-married etc, etc. I have come across one waiver with a last name reversed all by a typo error and all we did was contact CBP in Falls Church, VA for a correct one. I will admit that it did take them 9 months to be printed with the correct last name and re-sent which chewed up part of there waiver time, mistakes do happen, if it its just a couple of letters keep the first waiver handy don't try to over explain it to a CBP officer..... you could talk to a supervisor though, make a photocopy of the first one and always show it is you and you should be able to enter ....if they do make a big deal, "withdraw your application" from entering and contact DHS for further instructions.

A#'s number never change, so they will be able to access all your information on the new waiver ..you might be in secondary a lot with repeated questions and have hours wasted, but at least they shouldn't deny you entry.

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Thanks RS. Yes I still have my original waiver with the correct spelling. I would like to get the second one reissued, so as to avoid any extra hassles at the border.
With my first waiver, it was only good for one year,(my new one is for 5 years) and I never had an opportunity to use it, so I am unfamiliar with what the process is at the border, I've read in this forum that a CPB officer will attach a card to my passport. Does that card have my name on it? Could the name spelling issue be corrected at that time? Or am I better to contact the ARO about having the I-94 reissued?

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The card being stapled is your actual I-194 in to your passport., it's stamped with your name A# (ALIEN number) etc etc and depending on the officer you get 3-6 months is usually the norm for most people (multiple entries) to enter without always going into secondary.

It costs $6 USD.

For the most part, it is an error, mistakes happen no one is perfect so unless a CBP officer gives you a real hard time I can't see it being that big of an issue, the card stapled will have the exact name as your passport anyways, but who knows with CBP officers and their power trips nowadays.

What's the worst that's going to happen, they tell you to get a new one with your proper name on it, nothing else you can do about it.


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