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Pearson Intl Airport - Not taking Waivers until October 7 2017

append delete JOHN ROGERS

Because of budgetary constraints, Pearson Intl Airport will not be taking waivers until October 7th 2017.

I know this because I go every Saturday and put my clients name on the list so they can come later instead of 4 am.

I will be going again on October 7 2017 so will let you know how it was.

They were not that busy over the summer actually, less that 30 people on most Saturdays.

Terminal 1 Pillar 8.

John Rogers
416-843-1371 If you need further information.

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append delete #1. rolledwaiver

You can call the pre-clearance directly at Toronto Pearson (905) 676-2606. The message still says they are processing waiver applications on Saturday (only) between 8am and 7pm. If you call between 11am-2pm daily you can speak with someone live to confirm.

append delete #2. JOHN ROGERS

If you actually GO, instead of calling, you will see a posted notice that they are NOT taking Waiver applications. I was at the airport 2 weeks ago to check and the notice is still there.

Talk to Officer Fleming if you call, he runs the Waiver program there.

Rolledwaiver, you obviously never talked to anyone. October 7 2017.

Anyone go and show up on a Saturday to check? Prove me wrong. I took a picture of the notice and if anyone wants to see it I can text it.

append delete #3. renewer

Is it still $585 USD at Pearson?

append delete #4. JOHN ROGERS

Yes, if you are a Canadian Citizen handing in your waiver at a CPB Port of Entry.

Just a note to everyone, on December 23 2016 the actual waiver fee went up to $930 USD. This was a requested review by Congress.

Canadian Citizens are temporarily EXEMPT from this increase. So as of date of this post, still $585.00 anywhere in Canada.

An I-212 was increased and no exemption, so if you are stuff filing an I-212, its $930.00

append delete #5. JOHN ROGERS

Is anyone going to Pearson Airport this Saturday? They are re-opening so i was curious if anyone was going to attempt to hand in their waiver there?

Niagara Falls now takes them on Sunday nights, 5-9 pm. Best time to do it hands down.

append delete #6. Ash

If I go to Pearson what time do they put the paper out to sign your name , does anyone know ?

append delete #7. JOHN ROGERS

its at 430. But you can't talk to anyone really until 8 am.

If anyone is going this weekend, I am going at 5 am. I can put your name on the list for you. I just need your name and number so I can text you a confirmation. 416-843-1371.

You can then show up at 8 am. Remember pillar 8 to the right of the Peel Police Station.

append delete #8. JOHN ROGERS

Pearson Airport this Saturday was a zoo, and the usual guy Officer Fleming was NOT there.

Unlike the summer, there were about 50 people there by 8am.

Like I told many of the people there and the majority of my clients, if during the week at Niagara Falls doesn't work, then Sunday night at Niagara Falls is the best option. 5pm to 9.

append delete #9. JOHN ROGERS

If you applied at the Toronto Airport on April 22 2017 you should be aware that I know of two waiver files that were handed in, and cannot be found by ARO. This is not only unusual, but both were followed up on and Pearson can confirm both were received at Herndon Va. And now they cannot be located. The people are being told to reapply, and they are waiving the $585.00

If you filed a waiver on that date and do not have an answer, you should follow up immediately.

(I tried to post this as a new topic and whoever runs this forum has apparently denied me permission)

append delete #10. JOHN ROGERS

Time to toot my own horn. Back before they closed the Toronto Airport until October 7th I met a nice couple who were there to hand in a waiver. Clients of Pardons Canada on st. Clair in Toronto. The guy was denied because he 'admitted' to having been arrested in the 70's.

They asked me to look at their papers. Pardons Canada had all the essential elements...except the record was blank and they CLAIMED that they could not obtain ANYTHING else from the Toronto Police.

I told the couple to give me more info and they guy had merely been thrown in the drunk tank for the night. No court, no penalty. I insisted that they not hand in the waiver as is, and they get more information, in person from Toronto Police. They lived out of town, but they followed my instructions and handed in a complete package WITH confirmation from the Toronto Police that the man had never been arrested by the Toronto Police. I also re-wrote his letter (pardons Canada makes the clients write their own).

Today......they got a September Letter. This wasn't magic, this was simply doing the work PROPERLY the first time.

Letter is dated November 27th, and signed by Keri Brady, Director, Admissibility Review Office.

When the work is done PROPERLY, the first time, good results are possible. If you do a half assed job, just to get a client "one time" you get a review like this written about you. Stupid.

append delete #11. K SCOTT

Well being thrown in a drunk tank does not require a waiver anyway. Even if it was a dui conviction for alcohol it would not require a waiver. They really did not have to apply in the first place.

append delete #12. Smac

@John Rogers

What information do you include in the personal letter? I'm also working with Pardons Canada for both a waiver and pardon.

append delete #13. JOHN ROGERS

first of all why are you PAYING them and writing your OWN letters? You need one for both the Pardon and Waiver. Demand they DO IT, because you PAID them for a service, or at least a partial refund. Thats if you can even get them on the phone. Ask for Andrew, he is now the owner, he bought it from Ian Lavine.

The letter is the cornerstone of the application. It should indicate exactly why you are inadmissible and give them a "reason" you should be admitted. Don't defend yourself and don't make excuses.

It makes me so angry to see people taken advantage of like this...and all because they are LAZY. (Pardons Canada) and they know you won't know the difference.

I wrote all my clients letters...I am the expert...not you,. and its WORK you are paying me for.

I can't believe people let them get away with this stuff. Whats next....you going to fill in your own forms too? Its not a "waiver fantasy camp" you signed up for. You "bought" a "service". I even write the reference letters if the clients want...I want the waiver DONE, quickly and properly.

Sorry for the rant...hate to see people get ripped off. If they won't do it for you or give you a partial refund tell them you will rip them apart on google, and that you will contact Ellen Roseman at the Toronto Star. She wrote an article that was favorable to them (she was buddies with Ian Lavine) and whenever someone gets ripped off by them I tell them to threaten to call her and they back down. rightly so....one bad article in the Toronto Star and they are DONE.

append delete #14. GTAGTA

I have followed the forum here for a while and it's quite unacceptable to see how people are treated by these pardons companies, lawyers and politicians. It's quite revolting to see that a few people do one mistake and society doesn't give them a second chance. They are not necessarily criminals but they just happened to do an error in judgement. The number of false reports, acquittals and dropped charges are still enough to ruin a person. Laws keeps changing and something that is now legal will still impact the individual because when he/she was caught it was illegal.

This fad of bashing immigrants and criminals for political gain is unacceptable. The US should start imposing VISAs on anyone who wants to visit and all the other countries should do the same. At the end of the day, you pay the government and they know you are not a risk. It's a fair and just system for all. Just go back like it was before. Then attitudes will change for sure. I believe the electronic Visa is just the beginning of this.

Also, all countries should propose a system where after a certain period of time, you can't refuse someone entry based on his criminal record if he has been crime fee and served his sentence. I believe this is why the U.N. is for. We have let so many things slide as a society but we must make sure someone with a theft, assault or vandalism charge must pay forever. I believe people learn from mistakes and move on. In fact, there are many charges that are quite small in nature that can be reduced to simple civil infractions, you pay a fine and you continue living a normal life.

Custom officials have better things to do than check criminal records of people. However, they have been given so much power that they are instructed to do so. They violate human rights and discrimate. They are unable to find the real criminals or terrorists but they will act like jerks to someone who just wants to spend some cash in their country. Someone who had smoked weed when 17 and now 57 is such a risk to the country. The same can be said for someone who was caught with drunk driving. Another threat to canadian society. Fifty years from now, I believe or I hope this whole criminal records non sense will cease.

Anyways, don't get caught and stay out of trouble because they will make everything they can to drive you into poverty and gauge every penny you have to clear your name years later. Good luck finding a job too in the meantime. I believe that people who had a simple brush with the law and managed to become good people should continue to campaign for criminal reform regardless of what the rich elite will have you believe. And be careful who you trust.

Anyways that's my 2 cents.

append delete #15. JOHN ROGERS

Homeland Security is NOT accepting Waivers at Pearson Intl Airport as of today until.....Indefinite. They posted no notice but I went as i do every Saturday. Todays date is January 20 2018. This was planned BEFORE the Government shutdown, so has nothing to do with that, and when thats resolved, they will not automatically be taking Waivers again.

Until that time, Rainbow Bridge, Niagara Falls.

Monday-Thursday 2-9 pm
Sundays 5-9 pm

Any questions, please call me at 416-843-1371 or text.

append delete #16. les

The closure of CBP office at Pearson airport is only temporary or permanent?

append delete #17. JOHN ROGERS

it look temporary. I checked the website (The GTAA one not Homeland Security which is what Homeland Security told me to check) and still closed.

Here is the link


append delete #18. less

Thanks for the info/link, I appreciate it very much.

append delete #19. IceDragons

They have started taking them again (since Feb 28) :)

But I agree that Canadian citizens should file directly with the CBP at POE instead.

I was in and out in less than 90 minutes (at Queens-Lewinston), whereas Pearson would easily take the whole day.

append delete #20. K SCOTT

Yup John, now you start to back peddle on Pearson times. You call yourself an expert and now you are back peddling. smh..lol Btw Pearson is still considered a port of entry. The only difference is that Pearson it is a preclearance P.O.E and Queens-Lewiston) is a land P.O.E.

Of course, John would not know the difference.

append delete #21. icedragons

I'm curious now. If you file at land border, you would be given 'refusal' slip after dropping the waiver package, and I assume a refusal would be recorded with the US immigration.

Would this potentially be the 'advantage' of filing at CBP preclearance? Or would CBP technically refuse you entry anyway, whether you file at land border or preclerance facility?

append delete #22. JOHN ROGERS

They typically do not refuse you entry. You have to say upfront that "I am not here to cross, just hand in my waiver".

append delete #23. JOHN ROGERS

Ken Scott..."back peddle on Paerson Times"?

Yup John, now you start to back peddle on Pearson times. You call yourself an expert and now you are back peddling. smh..lol Btw Pearson is still considered a port of entry. The only difference is that Pearson it is a preclearance P.O.E and Queens-Lewiston) is a land P.O.E.

I don't think anyone understands what you are referring to? Post#15 was made in January.

When did I say Pearson was NOT a Port of Entry? Seriously, "drinking and posting"....not a great idea Ken.

append delete #24. JOHN ROGERS

2 weeks ago a person I met at Pearson Airport who handed in their waiver on April 22 2017 contacted me and said she was getting nowhere regarding her Waiver.

I contacted a couple of people I knew and they said "officially Pearson Is open on Tuesdays 8-4" but they are not putting it on the website.

So she went. She could NOT go to another port because ARO was claiming to have had no file for her via email. She had to find out form the actual port she handed it in at.

The sign that was up said "we are not open. She sat and waited. They saw her on camera and came out to see her. They took down the sign and said "yes we are open". Turns out....her file was still sitting there. And now they were 'claiming' she needed an I-212. Told her to go home and they would 'mail her something'. As soon as she left, they put the sign back up that they were closed.

This 'notice' that they have been open since February 28 is referring to Tuesdays. They have not been open Saturdays. I will go THIS Saturday and let everyone know whats up. My recommendation? Only go to Pearson if you cannot go to Niagara Falls. Remember NF is open EVEN on Sunday Night 5-9pm. If you plan to go to Pearson this week or any week, text me your name at 416-843-1371 and I will put your name on the list. I go at about 4 am. You can then show up at 830.

I do this for anyone who asks, you do not have to be a client.

append delete #25. JOHN ROGERS

Update. Talked to a Supervisor....No go on on Saturdays at Pearson for now. Only open Tuesdays. If you need to go to Pearson don't bother going early, only go around 930. Then just sit and wait for them to notice you on camera.

link: https://www.torontopearson.com/Departing_to_usa.aspx#

Don't panic if the sign says closed.

My advice? Avoid. Niagara Falls - Sunday nights 5-9pm is the best Ontario location. Remember, they also do not allow trucks, so you will never be backed up behind a line of trucks.

Call if you need further information.



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