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Waiver application processing times

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Got your I-194?

Reply here with how long it took. Months, weeks, days...

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append delete #1576. Adeleaide

#1575 - If they overstayed and were denied in 2017 and given a 10 year ban would you not think it too early in their ban to apply for a waiver and be successful in the granting of that waiver?

Please keep us informed as to the outcome.

Any waiver experts here wish to weigh in on this?

append delete #1577. John Rogers


On #1575 yes it would be too early.

On your other point, another waiver I just found out was granted in less that 60 days. That's at least 8 waivers granted in significantly less than 90 days, all granted before Christmas. Not all were re-applicants but most of them were.

I have been telling clients it should be granted in 90 days or LESS, specifically so if this does NOT happen, they will call me. Hopefully I can give more information as to whether this is a trend or blip. I assume Michelle is probably seeing them come in faster as well, but maybe hasn't had the time to post. If she is like us, January is a pretty busy month.

append delete #1578. Michelle

@1576 and @1577, yes, I agree, it is too early to apply for a waiver, however, please keep us posted, as you never know for sure what US Customs will do and depending on the circumstances. Thanks!

append delete #1579. ricky470

I filed a waiver back in May 2018 and it has been 240 days since filed. I emailed the CBP designated email ( regarding waivers twice in the last month and no response has been given back besides the automated email. Today, I called the port where I filed the application and the officer said that due to the US Government funding and shutdown situation, no waivers have been processed since December 23rd and no one is even at the CBP Waiver office at the moment.

Has anyone gotten a waiver recently?
Any speculation on when this will be resolved?

This is quite concerning!

append delete #1580. John Rogers

@ricky470 what you have been told is NOT true.

I have 2 clients with waivers dated SINCE December 23. I am not surprised the emails may have stopped for now.

I would advise waiting until the shutdown is over before emailing ARO. Despite Trumps bluster, this cannot go on much longer.

append delete #1581. glen.l

great info here , but I do have a question. is the office reviewing these closed or not? thank you

append delete #1582. John Rogers


Homeland Security is open.

append delete #1583. Michelle

@John Rogers, is Pearson International accepting waiver applications? if so, what are the hours to attend? I have a client who will be there on Tuesday or Wednesday...Thanks!

append delete #1584. John Rogers


No Pearson is STILL not open. (Since July 16 2018)

Niagara Falls (Rainbow Bridge)

Monday-Thursday 2pm-9pm
Sunday 5pm-9pm

There is no trucks allowed at the Rainbow Bridge which makes it an ideal spot. Its also easy to find and there is no waiting. They can show up at 8pm and be seen immediately.

If they have any problems finding it etc, they can call my cell, 416-843-1371

append delete #1585. Michelle

#1584 Thanks John so much, my client decided to drive to Border near here..

append delete #1586. Michelle

Hi All, this is on the official CBP website. https://www.cbp.gov/travel/international-visitors/admission-forms/form-i-92-application-advance-permission-enter-nonimmigrant

Lapse in Federal Funding Impact on CBP Website Operations Notice
NOTICE: Due to the lapse in federal funding, this website will not be actively managed. This website was last updated on December 21, 2018 and will not be updated until after funding is enacted. As such, information on this website may not be up to date. Transactions submitted via this website might not be processed and we will not be able to respond to inquiries until after appropriations are enacted.

I have not had responses for tracking emails..which I am assuming falls under this notice.. :( I sure hope that they are processing waivers..I had a few people drop off paperwork, and the Custom officers said that they are..so hopefully, that is true..any updates from you all would be great...


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