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Waiver application processing times

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Got your I-194?

Reply here with how long it took. Months, weeks, days...

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They are all over the map right now. I wrote how many people are waiving from December, but in 3 cases people got waivers recently despite handing them in AFTER New Years. One client handed waiver in Feb 6th, waiver granted dated Feb 19th. Very bizzare.

@Michelle clients are handing in waivers here at the Rainbow Bridge all the time and no mention of new rules. I will let you know if I hear anything, but in a week clients of mine tend to hand in at least 3-5 waivers. Many of them are re-applications. Therefore I should know right away if there are any changes.

append delete #1627. Canada1982

#1623 -why cant you inquire? I was so shocked...my first waiver I filed was in 2016,it legit came in 2018,2 years later.I had honestly given up,then I got a call from my lawyer. I hope you get some answers soon

#1625- details ? It was a us entry waiver,my second and (renewal)

#1624-I’m a Canadian and I had an American arrest and conviction,so after serving my time I was banned from the USA for life,I waited 13 years then applied for a waiver,took 2 years and I got my first one

append delete #1628. Doug Burch

#1627 you need to wait 150 days before you can inquire. They will either ignore you or delay your application further, from what I understand.


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