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#1725, Thanks John, I am still using the old forms, but am switching this week, I have been hesitant to not send the G-325 with the new form, but will now delete it from the package this week also.

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Update: Unfortunately, none of my clients have received any replies to trace emails since the beginning of May. If anyone is still receiving replies to their traces, could you please let me know. Thanks!

append delete #1728. John Rogers

I had 2 clients go to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. (Niagara Falls)

It was very busy (client said 3.5 hours.) This is very unusual. I have never heard of anyone waiting before.

most interesting was that this client is very chatty and friendly and the Homeland Security officer told her that the idea with the new forms is to make the submission digital in July.

According to her:

-You would scan the package to Homeland Security.
-If accepted they would call you to come and get fingerprinted (and I assume pay)

I have no idea if this is true, or she misunderstood, or this will be the way to do waivers in the future.

Has anyone heard or read anything like this? Again, this is ONE client, from yesterday, relating what a friendly officer told her.


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