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Where can you travel with a Canadian criminal record?

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Hey fellow canucks. I've got 3 criminal offences dating back over the last 20 years. Just applied for my first US entry waiver at Pearson airport and I know it can take many months or so for a decision (based on what I've read here). The US is obviously off limits for me this summer. So where else can you travel with a Canadian criminal record? Do the European countries have the ability to do a Canadian police check? What about Asia? Or the Caribbean countries? I've haven't been out of Canada in at least 12 years and really looking forward to seeing some place different this summer. Also thinking about applying for a record suspension with Pardons Canada so I'm also interested in opinions on that.

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Update to Pardons: Hi All, I am putting this here, as this is a big step in the right direction for improving the Pardon Process. This was just posted on the Parole Board of Canada website"

New information for record suspension applicants regarding victim surcharges

A recent Supreme Court of Canada ruling struck down the mandatory victim surcharge imposed on offenders as part of their sentencing, under section 737 of the Criminal Code.

Before this ruling, applicants had to prove that they had paid all fines in full before being eligible to apply for a record suspension/pardon. Going forward, outstanding victim surcharges imposed on or after October 24, 2013 (under Section 737 of the Criminal Code) will no longer be considered when reviewing eligibility for a record suspension/pardon application. All
other fines and surcharges must still be paid in full.

If your application was returned to you because of an outstanding victim surcharge, you are encouraged to re-submit your application.

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HATS BOOTS HATS is 100% correct.

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@ Michelle that is great news!

I can't tell you how many problems that victim surcharge creates.

Lets hope this is the first of many changes.

append delete #29. jazzsax1

So looking to fly to the EU this summer.

YYV-YVR-MUC-REK (basically avoid the US to fly to Reyjavik Iceland via Munich or Frankfurt).

Anyone aware of anyone being denied due to records in the EU? I know everyone keeps saying "just go" but I want to cover my butt.

append delete #30. wishbone

I don't see that to be any problem.
I am on my 4th 5 year waiver and have had no problems whatsoever going to Europe , Asia, South America and the Middle East.

append delete #31. Michelle

I am sooo frustrated with these "SCAM" companies. Just had an individual who came into my office to do fingerprinting for a Pardon. (He hired Canadian Pardon Application Services in Ottawa, ON). He was charged $200 for a Pardon Consultation which included the following description..a review of his criminal history and where to get fingerprints. He tells them he has upcoming court, and they say.."that's okay, once you are done court, we can carry on with your Pardon for an additional $1500..just provide us your credit card number. "----Which he does, because his English is poor and he doesn't really understand what is going on. So I refuse to fingerprint him, because there is no point!!!!...He has criminal charges before the court and on top of it he has a previous 2017 sexual assault conviction..No way in hell is he eligible for a Pardon right now, not for several years, depending on court!!! And even if he is found not guilty for these recent charges....we still have to deal with the Sexual assault, which is minimum 10 years before he is eligible if he even is...which is another story. I don't know how these companies sleep at night..they just steal money and hope from people... My Rant of the day....

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Being in Ontario I have dealt with clients of this company before. They are just horrible.

It seems that the more money they spend on internet presence the more they feel justified in ripping people off.

The client needs to put a bad review on google so others are warned. Don't forget, even just for fingerprinting, that is something more and more people will look at. It will hurt them just to have the review there.

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***Breaking news on travel to Australia:

And just a FYI

In the past, Australia has denied travel visas to R&B singer Chris Brown and boxing star Floyd Mayweather due to domestic violence convictions. They’re taking this stand against domestic violence one step further by barring any visitor with a domestic violence charge against women or children from entering Australia.

The law came into effect on Feb. 28 and applies to all offenders regardless of where they’re from, where they committed the crime or what their sentence was. In addition, anyone who is currently visiting or living in Australia on a visa and has a record of domestic violence will be kicked out.

The new laws add to existing legislation that withholds or removes visitor visas if the visa holder has been sentenced to 12 months or more in jail.

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#34 Adelaide, thanks for the update, can you provide a news link? Thanks!

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Has anybody here with a criminal record been able to apply for Australian ETA, disclose the criminal record, get approved, then enter the country without issue?

Getting refused entry from that part of the world would not be fun at all, I'm not even sure how the deportation would work since there doesn't seem to be any direct flight from any Australian city to any Canadian city (correct me if I'm wrong).

It's not a simple matter of getting turned away at the Rainbow Bridge, where you can just immediately reenter Niagara Falls, ON!

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#37 @WaiveMein

Sydney to Vancouver is a non-stop flight of about 15 hours and Air Canada flies that route.

That's just one that I'm aware of. So yes there are direct flights from OZ to Canada.

And I agree... getting refused from that part of the world would suck immensely.

append delete #39. jazzsax1

Pretty sure if you have a record you don't apply for the ETA but you apply for the 601 visa and declare everything. from there they can decide to grant or not grant based on the rules (they consider more than 12 months imprisonment substantive), but they *can* grant a visa if you don't qualify. I've heard the more info you give the better, along with proof you have means to go home, and can show reform.

AC flies direct to Sydney Brisbane Melbourne and Perth. Lots of options. Definitely don't buy a flight until you have the visa in hand.

append delete #40. HatsBootsHatsBoots

I see a lot of questions pertaining to entering Australia with a criminal record.

Australia considers 12 months imprisonment a substantial record, therefore anyone who will disclose that on the ETA will be refused. Australia is not as difficult when it comes to criminal records as the US is.

Recently, they updated their moral character requirements, so anyone found guilty of a violent crime towards children or women will no longer be allowed to enter Australia regardless of the sentence imposed.

Anyone who has a substantial record, needs to apply for a Visa and showing remorse generally helps.

append delete #41. WaiveMeIn

Thanks, guys, for sharing your 2 cents.

Would anybody know whether someone with 'substantial criminal record' can still technically be granted the visit visa?

With the US, once you're inadmissible, you need a waiver (along with a visa if you're not Canadian or Bermudan), how would that transfer to the case of Australia?

Is there an equivalent to a waiver for Australia? Or should someone with a criminal record should just apply for a visa (with sufficient documentation), then hope for the best?

append delete #42. HatsBootsHatsBoots

In Canada, you can get a pardon but you must pay for it after a certain time has passed, usually for minor crimes after 5 years and for major crimes after 10 years. There is a 3 strike rule and certain crimes like murder and aggravated sexual assault on minors which no longer qualify for pardons.

Australia and the UK do not have pardons but for minor crimes, your conviction is usually not erased but you no longer need to disclose it after a certain time has passed, we call this a spent conviction. Unlike the UK which recently reduced the length of time for the disclosure of said convictions, Australia kept the Canadian timeframes which are 5 years for minor crimes or 10 years for major crimes.

Obviously, if your crime was a major one like murder or violent crimes towards women or children, you will never get a Visa to visit Australia. This is a recent change implemented on Feb. 28th by the australian government.

Unfortunately, nowadays politicians leaning right or left seems to believe that punishing people for past indiscretions do not deserve second chances.

append delete #43. jazzsax1

Curious if anyone with records has travelled to Israel? Debating heading there this summer.

I do have dual citizenship with a 2nd passport that also has visa free access, but I would prefer to travel on my canadian if possible.

append delete #44. jazzsax1

Also curious if anyone has had any issues with Europe / Schengen? I know the ETA is coming in for 2021, but may head there before then.

Any feedback would be great!

append delete #45. Hurricanedave

I have been all over Europe and in Jamaica with absolutely no problem. It’s my understanding that I can go anywhere in the world but the USA with my record. I have applied for the us entry waiver 11 months ago and sent a inquiry about a month ago with no response.so I have no choice but to not travel to the states until they see fit to process my application


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