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Waiver Question

append delete Andy D

Hello everyone,

I have had my waiver for just over 18 months. I am thinking about purchasing a small condo in Fort Lauderdale for the family to enjoy. I am self employed and will probably go down to relax for 5-7 days of each month. My question is can I purchase property in the USA on the waiver program? My concern is when I make monthly visits the agents will probably ask why I go down to Florida so often. If I tell them I have a place in Florida and have a waiver they may think I am trying to live / work in Florida and deny entry.


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#1. madeitbc

This post was deleted by its owner

append delete #2. David B

as a Canadian with a criminal record what form do I require to renew my expired waiver

append delete #3. Bunches99

You need to reapply. Back to square 1.

append delete #4. Singh4444

Is it ever possible to move to usa with a waiver or no chance?

append delete #5. JOHN ROGERS

yes I also do K1 visas and the majority of those applications are existing waiver applicants. I have seen people sponsored as well. The only difference is they must eventually file an I-601, and "immigrant waiver". The waivers we talk about on here are "non-immigrant waivers".

append delete #6. srt10

@John Rogers, I read that K1 visas are a fiance visa.
I havefamily in Canada, is it possible if I've a waiver and want to work in US. any visa in this case?

append delete #7. K SCOTT

John since when have you done K-1 visas? On Facebook you said that you only did waivers. Now suddenly you do K-1s after you found out that we did things like TN and L-1 visas? Plus K-1 visas are better if an applicant is overseas as opposed to being in Canada

append delete #8. K SCOTT

Plus 601 waivers are very tricky and better done by a qualified lawyer...which I can refer to if needed.

append delete #9. Singh4444

I have a non related waiver question. Would k Scott and John ever be friends?

append delete #10. JOHN ROGERS

K-1 visas have been a specialty of mine for years. Its an easy visa to get since the onus is on the couple to really just prove that they are indeed a couple. I even like to watch 90 day Fiance! LOL

I have done L-1 but not in a few years. TN Visas are so easy, there is no need to hire anyone for that.

An I-601 is not a difficult application at all. I sometimes just a talk a client through it if they have been a client for many years and they do it themselves. Nothing complex about it at all.

Can John and Ken be friends? Sure! I just give the straight truth, because credibility is everything to me. Some people will decide to do their own waivers, some people will hire someone. I pay to get my taxes done, but some people do it themselves. My clients are loyal because I always deliver on what I say I will.

You don't run a sustainable business by pretending something is so complex just to get business, or on the promise that "maybe I can get you off the waiver program". Always be upfront and honest. If your reputation is that you are a straight shooter and honest, you will get plenty of business. No need for half truths or deception.

The truth is both Ken and I do waivers. We take a different approach to how we get business. I won't accept money unless you KNOW all the facts about what you are going to get, and a reasonable estimate on time and length of waiver. I charge a reasonable fee for what I do. My goal is that you come back, and keep coming back because your happy.

September letters are rare. They happen sometimes, and its a happy bonus when it does. But I would not base a business model on something that is not 90% likely everytime, to me that would be dishonest.

append delete #11. waiting2years

i got this response (below) from ARO a few days ago. Been waiting 2 years.
Have not got anything in the mail yet. My question is: should this be taken as a negative response?
My issue is from 37 years ago when i was 15/16. Thanks in advance for any response, speculation is ok too! thanks

Good morning,
A decision on your application will go out via Canada Post next week.

And no, I can’t disclose what the decision is.

append delete #12. JOHN ROGERS

Might be a September Letter? You were a "juvenile" so its possible.

And no, don't assume its negative.

append delete #13. waiting2years

ok thanks very much!

append delete #14. wildmonkeybum

Hi . Have a youth b&e and theft probation only . Have a adult charge at 19 yrs same b&e and theft .recieved a intermittent sentance on weekends 30 days .In 1991 charged at buffalo for 2 or more crimes of moral turpitude. Went to court in buffalo and was terminated and applied for waiver. Dec 1991 recieved a waiver for 1 year. Now a record suspension approved. Now twenty five yrs later would like to apply again with a determination letter. Any possible way or info in regards to a youth and adult charge .

append delete #15. JOHN ROGERS

You will simply get a waiver if its done right. Your record is very old.

If doing it yourself, make sure that you G325A is the 2017 edition and you print 4 copies. Make sure as well your I-192 is complete, read the instructions carefully, and page 8 should NOT be blank. 2 copies. With such old convictions, skip court documents.

append delete #16. wildmonkeybum



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