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Applying early?

append delete David F

Hey everyone,

It's been 30 months since my last conviction. Finished Probation and have started my own business. Have some new clients in Central & South America. Have to visit them in new year. I can fly from Canada through central America to getting to some of the small cities but would rather connect through USA. Since 5 years has not passed, would I be denied a waiver?

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append delete #1. mtl

no, u should definitely apply for a waiver, just get all your documents, do your fingerprints and then apply

append delete #2. JOHN ROGERS

I usually emphasize that although 5 years is ideal, at least 3 years seems to be the length of time for applying. That is, wait at least 3 years from the convictions date. Also emphasize in your personal letter that it took a while to go to court and point out the date you actually committed the crime was much earlier.

3 years is possible. 5 years plus is ideal.

append delete #3. MikeG

So just to clarify. It's not 3 - 5 years from the day you got of jail but when you were convicted?

append delete #4. JOHN ROGERS

When Homeland Security reviews a Waiver application, they are looking at your criminal record. That date shows the date you were convicted. Obviously you were charged well before that date.

If I were writing a person letter for a client who was 30 months since the conviction, I would emphasize that "i had realized when arrested that I had to change my life" and then go on to make sure I emphasized the date of arrest in my personal letter, even mentioning I was arrested 3 and a half years ago, and that when I fully realized I had to make a change.

It sounds counter intuitive, but drugs or alcohol help. When you are addicted or abusing a substance, you can at least point to stopping those substances to helping you change as a person. When you are sober, then exactly WHAT did you change from the point that you were arrested that convinces anyone you are a "different person"?

Remember, thats why the Waiver is being granted. Because your offences no longer reflect you.

And for a 50/50 application like yours (your chances are 50/50 at best) every other document and information and forms should be PERFECT. Letters of reference should be BETTER than normal.

If you are not the type to have a great attention to detail, hire someone who is. At least for the first application.


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