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Canadian with 3 DUIs- did 3 weeks in jail

append delete Rudy

Hi guys
Im from quebec and i got 3 duis
After my third , i was sentenced to 20 days in jaîl
Do i still need a waiver ti gi to florida?
Before i went to jail i used to go
But will my time incarcerated affect that?

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append delete #1. eve

DUI's don't normally require a waiver unless it's persistent. Given it's three of them and you did jail time, yes you will need a waiver and they will probably ask you to see a doctor. Your waiver should also show what you've done to change this habit otherwise it will be denied.

append delete #2. BeesNest

@eve is correct. DUI's do not normally restrict entry however multiple offences could be considered a Crime Involving Moral Turpitude. The decision is at the sole discretion of the Border Security Officer.
Also, remember (and this is important!) you do not require a waiver until you have been denied entry. Do not preemptively assume you need a waiver until you are denied entry and they tell you that you need one. If you have been crossing before your jail sentence, I would continue to do so as you always have until they deny entry.

append delete #3. Bunches99

I assumed I needed one because I read online. I did my waiver and when I went to the border I asked them to search me and look at my package and for them to determine if I needed one. He looked and said yes you need one. On my application I put down I never tried to enter and was never denied. I was granted a 5 year the first time and it was approved fast. I believe it was because I never illegally tried to enter and was never denied. They must see those things negatively. Trying to enter a country you are pretty sure you are not allowed to enter is just silly. I would call the border and ask. I personally would never want a border denial on my record. Just saying.

append delete #4. Sean

You don't need a waiver for DUI unless it is driving under the influence of drugs as opposed to alcohol.

append delete #5. Bonnie

@Bunches99 I am curious as to how long it took you to get your waiver

append delete #6. Bunches99

I applied in Dec 2016 and got it in April 2017. Even when I went to get my stamp and card they were amazed I had never crossed before.... I dunno just my personal experience and opinions.

append delete #7. Justcurious

Got a 5 year waiver... not sure what a card and stamp are??? Crossed the border once since receiving the waiver and just went through???? What's the stamp and card???

append delete #8. BeesNest

Usually, when you cross for the first time, you are asked to go into secondary security and obtain an I-94 form (card). They will staple it into your passport. Do not remove it!

Form I-94, is the Arrival-Departure Record Card, it is a form used by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and intended to keep track of the arrival and departure to/from the United States of people who are not United States citizens or lawful permanent residents.

The I-94 card is date stamped and valid for 6 months. It also has a fee of $6.
Prior to the 6 month expiry of the I-94 you need to either return it to US Customs at a border crossing or leave it with the Canadian border guard when you return if you know you will not be crossing prior to its expiry. Failing to do so will result in a stern lecture from the US Border Guards the next time you cross with an expired card, an experience I try to avoid.

After 6 months you need to go through the process again and pay another $6.
Usually when you have a valid (unexpired I-94) you will simply cross like everyone else after answering the usual questions at the kiosk.

However, I have also been allowed entry without a valid I-94 and I simply think the border guard at the kiosk didn't realise he needed to have me do so. Trust me, it is not normal as they are very vigilant in collecting that $6.

He's a tip. If you know you will be needing to get a new I-94, cross by yourself. The reason I do that is because when you get taken into secondary screening to obtain your I-94, EVERYONE travelling with you is required to go into secondary as well. So, If I know I am travelling with a group, I will cross a day or two in advance, get the I-94 and get gas or groceries and cross back. Then when I cross with the group, I simply show waiver and my passport (with I-94 stapled inside), answer the questions and we all cross as normal.

I hope this helps.



append delete #9. Sha


I very curious, at which border are you crossing that gives you this $6 i-94 card that is stapled to your passport? Reason I ask is because I have a waiver and I have been to the US twice, Once by plane from Toronto to JFK, and the second by car across the peace bridge and have never paid $6 dollars or received an I-94 card.

Just curious


append delete #10. Bunches99

Hi I got mine by land at Pacific crossing.

append delete #11. BeesNest

@Sha I typically cross at Bluewater Bridge in Port Huron.
To my knowledge they are still issuing I-94 cards and charging the $6 US fee.

Its great that you have not been asked, but I would keep it in mind and don't be too surprised when they do eventually ask you to pay.

The website below will explain the I-94 better than I can.

*Tip* You can also use this website to check out your travel history when you are completing your waiver in case you can't remember the dates you have crossed into the US.




append delete #12. Sha

Hi @BeesNest

Thanks alot for the info. I will keep my eyes open for it!


append delete #13. RUDY1

btw, they let me through guys.,. thanks!

append delete #14. BeesNest

@RUDY1 That's awesome! Ride the freedom train while you can!!
However, I am curious if you had the discussion about your DUI's and incarceration with the US Border Guard when you crossed? If you did, then you're good to go and shouldn't need to worry again.




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