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character reference letters

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On the checklist of required documents, I see nothing about character reference letters. But I think they could be beneficial to the application process. Any thoughts or experiences with this? And would you recommend letters from family or friends? Or employer? also, has anyone had employment repercussions after requesting letter from employer?
Btw, my criminal record is from 1986. And I've had same employer for 25+ years. I don't know if he is aware of my past, am hesitant to tell him, but also feel he would write me and excellent reference letter. Really torn on what to do...
Thanks in advance

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Get the reference letters always no exceptions period!!

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In Ontario we need 2 letters of reference. I have heard Michelle say they might need a different number out west.

Reference letters can be short if your waiver is a slam dunk. If its a first waiver or your not a slam dunk, then the letters should state that you have shown changes that coincide with your criminal history.

In about 40% of my clients cases I write these for them, with the person signing them.


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