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Drug conviction... can you still get Waiver?

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Does anybody here know if you can get a us entry Waiver with a drug charge? I've heard from some sources that they don't grant waivers for trafficking convictions. Does anybody know anything about this ??

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Drug/trafficking convictions are harder to get a waiver for, but it's not impossible.

Many factors, how long was the conviction, how well have you been rehabilitated, and so forth.

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It was 11 years ago and immediately changed my life. Do you know anybody who has gone through with it?

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It's possible to get a waiver for non-immigrant purposes, but not for permanent residence

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So you mean to go for 1,2 and 5 years?

Do you know anybody who has done this?

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Waiting on my decision now

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I had a possession with intent conviction from 2007 (I was 18 at the time). I applied for my waiver at the buffalo border on October 2016 and got my one year waiver on feb 20 2017. I provided tons of reference letters, drug test and emphasized on the fact that my work requires travel to the us for conferences, client meetings etc. Don't stress as long as there is nothing else on your file you should be ok for a waiver. Make sure to keep all your documents if you plan on re applying


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