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How to check waiver application status?

append delete pascal

Hey - anyone know where to check on my application? I submitted it over 2 months ago. Thanks in advance!

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append delete #26. Mitch Held

Please inform me of the status of my waiver application. Thanks. mitch.held@hotmail.com

append delete #27. JOHN ROGERS

Mitch, this isn't where you send that inquiry. I have a template made up, I will email you a copy.

append delete #28. Kara Leigh Hayward

Re: Status of Submitted Travel Waiver Application
Applicant: Kara Leigh Hayward
D. O. B.: May 21, 1981
Address: 202-293 Euclid ave., Toronto, ON, Canada
M6J 2K1

Place of Process: U. S. Customs, Buffalo New York
Date of Processing: Dec. 18, 2016

It's been over 14 months since my waiver application was sent to Homeland Security, U. S.
Please inform me of its' status: 1) Has my application been processed? 2) Has the waiver been granted? 3) Has the paperwork been mailed to my home address?

Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Kara Hayward

append delete #29. JOHN ROGERS

Kara I am not sure its smart to have all that personal information on here.

append delete #30. Captain Buck Rogers


Your file is lost in the system, plain and simple. I hear John Rogers knows people @ DHS ask him if he can use his contacts to see what happened. If not just reply back and you will have to use the updated forms for a 'new application'

append delete #31. JOHN ROGERS

Captain Buck Rogers, who just "suddenly appeared" and is really Ken Scott obviously, I have already spoken to Kara. She is a really nice person who is anxious for an answer, and its pretty reprehensible that your feeding her fake information to make her feel like something is wrong. Homeland Security has already told her that they have the file and have not reached a decision yet.

If your going to cause people stress, then please don't post. Seriously, Ken Scott, grow up.

append delete #32. BO

This forum should be DISBANDED!!

append delete #33. K SCOTT

You are correct BO. This forum should be disbanded. You have trolls like John Rogers on here providing bad info to people and others in our facebook group(Complaints Against Federal Pardons). John does not seem to understand that people come here to share info and don't want to feel like they are being pressured to sign up with a Discount Waiver Company. He comes here to troll for business. We do not since most people here will not pay our fees since I will be the first to say that we have high fees. Btw Capt Buck Rogers, John thinks that you and I are the same people which obviously you know is not true.

append delete #34. JOHN ROGERS

So all the people who usually post on the forum are trying to get information, and the following people are insisting the forum get disbanded.

Ken Scott and anonymous people who only started posting when Ken Scott started posting like "Bo". Anyone else see a pattern here?

Captain Buck Rogers who writes exactly like Ken Scott is obviously a fake account set up by Ken Scott or his employee. I say "employee" because its clear its him another guy waiting for the next $5000 client to arrive.

Ken, give honest advice. There is nothing wrong with doing waivers for a living. You don't have to pretend your something your not.

append delete #35. Thomas Atkinson

I have applied for my waiver over 4 months ago,i was wondering if you could check on the status of it for me.

append delete #36. Michelle

#35 Thomas Atkinson, No one can check the status of a waiver, but you, unless you hired a lawyer, who submitted the G-28 form with your application, then the lawyer can track it. I help my clients with the email that they need to send, but do not do the trace myself. Do you have the email where you need to send trace too?

append delete #37. John Rogers

@Thomas Atkinson you need to wait 150 days. Then you can email Homeland Security.

append delete #38. Michelle

#35, Thomas Atkinson, John Rogers is right you should wait the 150 days, I have done tracking sooner, sometimes they will respond, but usually you will just receive a message back stating 150 days waiting time. I keep forgetting it has increased from 90 days.

append delete #39. K SCOTT

#36 The lawyer will track it the same way as the client. The only difference is that they have a different email address that they use. I agree with John though that it is safe to wait 150 days or so. Plus, the more you check it, the longer it can delay your application.

append delete #40. John Rogers

Homeland Security will not respond before 150 days and they send out an email telling you that.

Please note, if they email you back after 150 days, and say you are in "secondary security" you will be waiting a year for an answer.

append delete #41. K SCOTT

They don't say that and they do reply by email before 150 days. Their reply will say something like "pending further security checks". It is safe though to wait for the 150-day mark before even giving them the initial email asking for an update.

I know because we had a few people recently email them 90 days in and the email reply said pending further security checks and the clients asked me what did that mean.

So they will indeed respond at 90 days but it likely won't be a response that the person will like. ALso, there are indeed many factors on why it can take some time...Especially if you have a PPT or sex crime.

:: @K SCOTT added on 11 Sep ’18 · 17:28

Sorry, let me correct myself. I meant to say that not in every single case will they reply with the message stating that no action will be taken before 150 days if you email them before 150 days. I have seen them reply with something like "pending further security checks. I have also seen them reply with the 150-day message. Some of my people check after 90 days even though I suggest that they wait at least 150 days.

I have also seen them reply that there is no timeframe as to when they will complete security checks. It is definitely more than 1 message reply that they may send.

So yes I do agree that 150 days is a good timeframe to check. I may have been mistaken when I thought you meant that the person would get absolutely no reply if they emailed before 150 days....which again is a bad idea. I still say that they will respond if you email them before the 150-day window but it will again likely not be a message that you will like.

append delete #42. John Rogers

Trafficking convictions. Everyone be aware that Trafficking convictions, as I have said in another thread, are being looked at much differently than they were a few months ago.

Trafficking convictions should have court documents for sure, and possibly a police report, so you can show the drug and amounts.

Have a clean drug test.

The personal letter HAS to indicate rehabilitation and also an understanding of "the effects of drugs on our society".

I am getting so many Appeals right now for Trafficking form people I met at the airport over a year ago. Most of these people had "decent" but not great personal letters, and almost all were doing REAPPLICATIONS. So they are going from 5 year waivers to rejected.

Absolutely NO ONE is getting a September Letter with Trafficking.

append delete #43. Adelaide

Curious here.

If your waiver application is in “secondary security” as per the phraseology I’m seeing used on this thread what exactly does that mean?

append delete #44. John Rogers

@Adelaide it probably really just means it goes to a supervisor, or someone else who does some other vetting process. They probably do further checks, and when they come back positive or negative, then you get a response.

The bad news is that these are taking generally about a year.

append delete #45. K SCOTT

Pretty much CBP can take as long as they want on a waiver case. Unfortunately, there is no way to speed them up. This is one of the harder things for our clients since they want to enter the USA ASAP. So we just tell them that they have to be patient and not bug CBP. They do indeed have to check a number of databases and sometimes the other agencies/sections may work slower than the actual adjudicating officer. So the adjudicating officer may have to wait for on his colleagues.

Also, the only way that a person will get a September Letter for a trafficking conviction/not need a waiver is if they are Jay Treaty or the person qualifies for Derivative USA citizenship. Beyond that, they will definitely need a waiver. Trafficking is one of the convictions that they are really hard on now. We have never got a September letter for trafficking. We had an immigration judge in a guy in removal proceedings though, get his proceedings dismissed because he had a Cultivation offence. In an extremely rare case, we got one on a guy that had Cocaine possession. It is extremely rare though and a person qualifies under extremely limited circumstances.


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