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how to pay fee?

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I am going to file my application at a land border port of entry (maine). How do you pay the 585$ fee? can you pay with a credit card there or do you have to pay by cheque. i read that when paying by check it has to be drawn on a US bank how can this be done if i am in Canada?

thank you

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You can pay with a credit card or you can pay with US currency. I just went to my bank in Toronto and withdrew US dollars.

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In my case they even accepted a "Visa Debit" card as issued by CIBC. However, as they say, cash is king and you're golden.

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When I went to the border at Lewiston they accepted credit cards. My understanding though now is that the rate has gone up considerably so you should verify with the port of entry. Here is the list from their site:


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