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I-192 Requirements

append delete Tim

Thought I'd post this in case anyone found it useful. This was on the wicket window at YYC (Calgary International Airport).




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append delete #26. JOHN ROGERS

In Ontario (where most of the waivers we deal with are filed) they will take waiver without court documents, and are fine with photocopies of court documents.

Homeland Securities attitude varies. The airport as I have detailed is a nightmare anyways. Niagara Falls is know to be VERY friendly and easy to deal with. Detroit and Port Huron will go out of their way to refuse to TAKE your waiver.

At Niagara Falls, they seem genuinely relieved that the waiver is prepared properly and in good order.

I do a few in BC ( I would assume far less than Ken or Michelle) and a few in Alberta. I have a few sprinkled around the Maritimes but the majority of my clients are in Ontario. I usually refer anyone in Quebec to my colleague there and anyone in Saskatchewan I send to Michelle.

append delete #27. K SCOTT

The majority for us are in BC and Alberta. Although we now have a location in London U.K. with an affiliate. John is right that the attitude of CBP officer can vary. Same goes for these officers at the embassy. Sometimes they can be hard on some BC people and I can understand. BC is known for BC bud and we have a lot of stoners in BC.

Also, BC is known for a lot of organized crime, drugs, money laundering and guns. So these officers are extremely strict at the BC borders.

I am waiting for the few U.K. cases to be submitted by the people, so we can see how the embassy is in London for now. England is full of ex-criminals.

append delete #28. michelle

Hi guys, yes, until I started working with you both, I had no idea that there was such differences in POE locations. But, I really never deal with Ontario or BC..just AB, SK, and MB...it has been an interesting learning and greatly appreciate the fact we work together..

append delete #29. K SCOTT

#28 Yes it is a pleasure to know you both. I was surprised as to the differences all across Canada in terms of borders and the attitude of the people. I prefer BC and AB actually but mostly BC & England though in terms of clients.

append delete #30. becca

In the top right corner of form I-192 it says it expires on June 30 2018. Is there a new form? I'm planning on filing in July but don't want to prepare it on an expired form and have it rejected.

append delete #31. JOHN ROGERS

@becca Thats the most recent form they have available. Even when they introduce a new one they give time that its still valid.

append delete #32. K SCOTT

Becca, they do indeed give extra time if a form is close to expiry but you have to check how long they give just to be safe. Sometimes they say they will still accept old forms for a certain period of time. It is better to double check the date on the new form to be safe. They are always changing these forms and fees.

Plus, they won't necessarily reject it if it is on an old form. What they would do though is write back and ask that you submit a new form. Mind you it could be a different story if someone were using a form that was 20 years old.

The CBP officer is supposed to be reviewing the forms and supplements at the border when you submit. They are SUPPOSED to tell you if a form is too old or not valid. However, you never know depending on whom you get.

append delete #33. JOHN ROGERS

Court documents may be needed when applying for a US Entry Waiver. Each court has their applicable fees for these documents. Please note that as of July 1st, 2018 all Saskatchewan courts will now be charging a $75.00 flat fee to request court documents regarding a US Entry Waiver. If you are doing a pardon (record suspension) that fee is going to be $100.00. Please contact your applicable court house for applicable fees.

Michelle, have you heard about this? Is there a way around this? Could this only be applicable to outside the province or everyone?

append delete #34. Michelle

#33, John Rogers, I have been hearing this rumor for a while, although, my contact has not confirmed it yet.. I am going to call her today... I think it is a flat fee per court house..but still, many people have charges that are at several different courthouses. I am not sure how I am going to deal with this..currently, right now, I charge a flat fee that includes everything, but the USA Filing Fee and Parole Board Fee, I did this,because I hated going back and asking for more money..but now, I think I am going to have to charge a flat fee for my service, and then advise additional fees will follow once, I get the criminal record back. It is going to be a tough sale as people want to know total..and now I can't advise...I am curious how you guys work your pricing..because some court houses charge in Ontario too....Alberta charges $20 per conviction, which can get pricey also..but thankfully, most of my clients only have 1 or 2 convictions from there. I did have a client who had over $600 worth of Court documents, she cancelled her pardon..as it was just too much money...

append delete #35. K SCOTT

Well for me it is different since they do not charge in BC yet. We include the fees for the Alberta court files as part of our total fee. I cannot charge a guy $60.00 for court files if we are charging him $1300 to prepare his waiver case. We just eat the cost of the Alberta files and our fee will include UPS shipping if needed.

Now Michelle here is one technique for waivers that you can use...Let's say that a guy has 2 DUI convictions at the Saskatoon court and 2 theft convictions at the Prince Albert court. You can skip the DUI files from Saskatoon and just order the Prince Albert files. You can also just add in the court fees to your total fee. We charge our fees based on the severity of the case. An example is #1 Less Complex Category #2 Serious Criminality Category. This still allows us to charge a flat fee and to take into account any extra charges that arise.

Another thing you can do is totally exclude all court files for offences that do not even require a waiver.

:: @K SCOTT added on 25 May ’18 · 11:41

Btw Michelle...When you say charges I assume you mean convictions in terms of ordering the court files?

append delete #36. JOHN ROGERS

The problem isn't so much the waivers. Its the pardons which REQUIRE court documents. The client and we have no choice. You can definitely get away with not getting court documents for waivers in most cases.

append delete #37. K SCOTT

It is different in BC. Here we cannot get away with not providing court documents for waiver packets. Either CBP at the border will not take the packet or the ARO will send an RFE back and ask for the court files. I don't know if it is because over here we have a lot of drug trafficking, violent crime, organized crime, sex crime and Fraud offences.

append delete #38. Michelle

@37, K Scott, Yes, it is the same here in Saskatchewan, application is refused at Border Crossing without Court documents, even photocopies...or if it does get through, a request is sent by Head Office to supply certified copies..

append delete #39. K SCOTT

#39 Yes in the BC Lower Mainland they are very strict at the borders too. Now we are taking a hit in BC because they have really come hard on PPT (Possession for Purpose of Trafficking) convictions and Sex Assault cases. Half of Vancouver & Surrey clients have PPT convictions and CBP is demanding much more information on both now to include more court file information.

append delete #40. Becca

Does anyone know what order your paperwork should go in for Ontario filing ?

append delete #41. JOHN ROGERS

My process (ignore the documents that are not applicable)

-past waiver
-RCMP check
-Court documents
-Personal letter
-proof of Citizenship
-drug test/letter form dr
-proof of employment
-proof of residence
-2 reference letters

After the first 6 though, which are common sense, I don't think it matters TOO much what order the documents are in.

append delete #42. K SCOTT

Sometimes we have to add in other things to a waiver packet depending on the case specifics. We don't use the cookie cutter approach since we tailor each waiver case to the individual. I do agree that is kind of do does not matter what order the documents are in. The key is to include relevant material that will help your case.

It is a bit hard to generalise since I do not know your conviction or case specifics. An example is that you could have a Fraud over $5000 conviction in Jan 2018 and are applying for a waiver now....which would be foolish since you will definitely get denied for sure...So the proper order would be a moot point since there are other factors in place here.

append delete #43. willnope

If your court documents are in french do we have to get a translator to translate them into english before they are submitted?

append delete #44. JOHN ROGERS

@willnope yes.

I have a colleague in Montreal who can help you with this.



append delete #45. John Rogers

I will just place this here.

Christmas is here and I will be in and out of the office. Best way to reach me is:

Cell: 416-843-1371

Feel free to text or call. John Rogers is my real name.

If you need to email me during the holidays:


Work Email is still pardon.experts@rogers.com but I won't see that unless I am at work.

Life and Waivers don't stop during the holidays, so please don't be shy about calling or texting if you have a question. Questions placed on the Forum I tend to only answer at work, so my responses here will be slow during the holidays.

Everyone please have a safe and happy holiday, and a Merry Christmas!!!

John Rogers

append delete #46. Michelle

Hi, All, Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas, and a Safe New Year. Enjoy the holidays and your celebrations whatever they may be. Michelle @ FPS Fingerprint Pardon Services.


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