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I am here to help you on your US Waivers.

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Hello to all the people on this forum,

I was told by a friend named Marie Perrin, about people needing help with I-192 waivers to achieve their I-194 waivers. By no means am I an expert on waivers, but I have been doing them myself since 2006 when I was banned from entering U.S for 10 years from the mid 1990's and I don't do it for a living, I have a real Monday - Saturday job which I actually like believe it or not, doing waivers is a sideline gig for some extra travel cash.

Personally there is lots of people in BC/AB that can prepare US waiver packets and each has there own method that works for them and their clients, I have not personally met anyone that does it for a living, cause I have my own ways to get the waiver done and I have honestly only lost one case where I was helping a person out who was a friend of a friends and when they submitted there package the prints they sent had already been over the 15 month validity for the prints, when I specifically explained to him it must be done immediately and when DHS replied he had 87 days to send in new prints and he did not get his RCMP prints back in time so he ended up losing his money he paid at the border the first time and had to start all over from scratch. But rest assured when I told him that I would help him get his waiver and this time to fully listen to me right down to the letter, he did and he did end up getting it in 2009 and now all he does is renewals every 5 years thru me.

Marie's boyfriend has a record and I prepared his waiver in December 2015 before Christmas, and he ended up getting 5 years May long weekend 2016, and have become some good friends of mine.

I have a criminal record myself and I just got approved this month June 15th 2016 good for 5 years also.

Waivers in general do take time, especially the first one cause of all the necessary background checks and the prints have to be verified, and all lovely paperwork that goes along with it, renewals are starting ease up but still in the 4-9 month range.

I have done many waivers for many people who have been referred to me with all sorts of charges, at first I did it for like pretty cheap for people that were sent to me, but then when DHS changes there rules, eventually so does the price and all the upkeep that has to be done to keep up with the modern times and with like any industry you have to stay sharp to leave your mark amongst a world full of sharks. I had no clue this forum even existed, I am from the lower mainland, but with my other job I travel to Alberta once or twice a month and have done waivers for people there too.

I've seen companies charge some cheap amounts to some outrageous amounts, all over the net like Craigslist & Kijiji and there own websites but if you pay for cheap service that's what your going to get, if you pay someone lots of money and have a hard time trusting them with your $10,000+ and you don't get your money's worth what happens next small claims court to try to get your money back??

Personally I will admit, I don't do waivers for cheap cause it takes a lot of time and patience to properly prepare a bulletproof waiver packet from scratch cause with any mistakes you can kiss your money and your application goodbye and I couldn't have that on my conscious. When in my spare time I like to spend with my family instead of actually sitting with strangers getting to know them to help them on their waivers, but everyone eventually has a price and I have one also to do sideline work, I mean I have bills to pay just like anyone else, and if your good at something never do it for free!

If you choose to go with me I will take the responsibility to do up a proper waiver packet ready for you to submit at the border of your choice, but if your finances aren't great your probably better off to get a company that does it on a payment plan with them. If you don't believe me I can show you my own personal previous waivers, which I doubt many if any companies can show you to gain your trust especially with those companies out there trying to take your hard earned money. I am not a company nor am I any kind of competitor, scammer and anything else people like to go off on in forums about. I am just a regular blue collar everyday worker who needs waivers for the rest of his life also, but I can help you get your packet ready and done for you, mostly it's just one big waiting game at DHS.

Let me know, I am also on here to give friendly advice also if your stuck, cause I've been doing my own waivers for 10 years straight without a loss and very knowledgeable about the DHS/CBP policies, cause I enter the states on a weekly basis.

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I have come across 1 waiver in your exact situation back in 2006, I did the work, had to charge lots of money for the investigative measures, finding out the history and nature of the crime and his was in the 90's being convicted and destroyed....it cost the man his fortune @$18,000 but he has been free and clear to the U.S since 2008 by me (11 years going)....and for him it was worth every penny, as his wife is American and they snowboard 6 months in Canada, and 6 months in the US.

Without your own knowledge of not remembering a single thing it is a game of cat and mouse of finding out your convictions thru courts, RCMP and a lawyer ( if you had one ) etc, etc, you were denied in 2004, you are in the CPIC system, along with CBP's knowledge of your crime as being convicted, hence being denied to the states.... fishing for your own conviction will be the hardest part as the worst part is time for getting information from all sorts of departments.

You can try and risk it and cross again and say you have no criminal record, but ultimately you can be denied or banned for 10 years + if caught lying and you submit to a sworn statement.... who knows what you actually did or said in 2004 from entering America at the border of wherever it was... you can do it on your own...or hire a lawyer... your call.

I can do this waiver, but I will let you know it will be far greater than the man's $18,000, that was 11 years ago.

I am not cheap, but I deliver results.

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Thank you for your reply.. My questions is this.. If I submit my application and let them know to the very best of my knowledge I cannot recall the details of the charges, will they deny me? Once a record is "destroyed" and a pardon is granted for these charges, are they able to revive them? I never had a lawyer only duty council as I was young so..... Would the CPIC system give details on this charge or is it erased from there as well? Basically due to having a pardon, what would show up? I dont want to lie or give incorrect info and risk any chance to denied again..

Also.. on my pardon where it shows the charges that were pardoned, it notes Toronto Ontario and the charges show from Peterborough Ont... Would you have any idea why?

Thank you for your advice!!! Truely appreciate this ..

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The question is how old were you at the time of being charged, if it was 17, you will not need a waiver, if you were 18+ then your good as pooched from behind.

CPIC & CBP have the same shared access, so if you try to remember to the best of your knowledge and give them some story that is different from what it showing up on their screen, they wont tell you what you did no officer will...there job is to climb up the chain based on denied aliens ( what criminals are ) like traffic cops... the more tickets and convictions the better for them.

Being 2004 ( 13 years ago ) you should be able to recall what was somewhat said for your denied entry to the states... ...if you remember your birthday, anniversary, birth of your child etc etc you should be able to recall what has happened in your life... I've seen it done by mean CBP officers in secondary. If you can't recall that and re-enter... you will get a LIFETIME BAN... or 10 year ..whichever the CBP officer decides is fitting.

I can't elaborate more, cause your case seems complex and sophisticated at best and will need further investigation on a personal one on one level.

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You have to realize that getting charged with a crime creates a huge administrative mess where all your info is shared all over the place. The police has been given the authority to collect info about you and share this to whoever.

According to most sources, your pardon is still on the RCMP system but it shows as sealed. Others say that getting a pardon removes the info from the system altogether. Therefore, it is not clear what is there. Obviously, the police force will never tell. There are 4 levels in the RCMP system. The fourth level includes info regarding a vulnerable check, this means your charges and your pardon will show when they conduct a vulnerable sector check. Any negative police involvement might also be accessible on that system. Most local police forces collect info when they are called anyways. Wether they put this info on the database is to their discretion. Their local files however will forever contain this info. A new Ontario law passed last yr limits their power to what they can release to the public about you however.

This means if you were ever investigated for something even though you were never charged or fingerprinted, you might find info about you on that database. Not even the police force can tell you for certainty what is there about you on that system. Laws have been enacted to prevent non convictions, mental health info, pardons or random checks to be shared to employers or the public unless you go for a vulnerable check which is for working with vulnerable people.

Every time you get fingerprinted, the police force creates a file on you and they enter info on the system. This means getting a pardon will for the most part not remove your FPS file which contains your mugshot and fingerprints. You must petition your local police service to remove it, If they accept.

Since the system is accessible in full to US authorities, good luck. As stated earlier assaulting a police officer is not a crime involving moral turpitude for US authorities if a weapon was not used or serious injuries did not result. You just fell on a border official on a power trip who denied you entry. My advice for you once again is to ask the clerk or go for a vulnerable sector check from your local police service.

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Hey RS,

Thanks for all the information you've provided on this website.

I was wondering if you'd be able to take a look at my thread I posted a few days ago, it's near the top of this forum titled "Waiver Eligibility Question." If you'd be able to, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, a follow up question, how would one get in contact with you outside of this site for you to review information on how much you'd charge to help assemble a waiver?


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You don't need anyone to help you with the waiver.

1. Get fingerprint check from Commissaries or similar fingerprinting service. Just google fingerprinting and you can find a number of companies that will do it from $70 - $100.
You will receive from the letter directly from the RCMP, enclose this in your I-192 application.

2. Go to all the courts you have even been to under any and all charges. Get a an :offical certified copy" This takes time from the court and these paid waiver services and individuals that claim that can get for you faster if you pay them are not being truthful.

3. Write an honest and sincere letter to "The secretary of homeland security" explaining why you did what you did. Detail the circumstances of each incident and how you were not in your right mind at the time. Say that you are very sorry and remorseful for your past actions at least three times in your letter. Explain how you have changed your life and detail some good things you have done since like volunteer work and /or helped friends/family in difficult situations. Also detail your job/school and your plans for the future. If you are not in school or have a job you will have marginal application and a reason for refusal by the ARO. In the final paragraph, explain why you need to go to the US and explain that you have respect for the law now and you are not going to cause any harm. Finish by thanking the the US for allowing you to apply for this waiver.

4. You can also enclose some letters from your employer, friends and family in support but not more than three letters total.

5. Go to the CBP website and find out which airport accepts applications and the time. Airport locations all require appointments or you will be taking your chances on getting in. Also you can go to the larger border crossings, check the times, no appointment required in most cases.
If you go to a border crossing have your application in hand and tell the FIRST US CBP officer that you do not want to cross but want to submit an I-192 application so there will be no misunderstanding and he/she will direct you.

That's it!! Don't pay anyone to "help you" You can do this yourself and it will be worth it so that when you do your renewals you can do them faster. You will save money on your first and subsequent applications which will run into the many thousands of dollar.

Don't believe anyone on this blog that claims they have "inside information" they don't. Just google "admissibility review office" and then click news for information. It is few and far between.

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Thanks for the clear-up, I don't think I can still do it on my own though, can you do my remorse letter for me, also can you just prepare my whole package so I don't have to do anything except hand it in like you say when I get to the border. I don't want to pay anyone, but I don't want to do it myself either. You sound like the perfect guy to just do it without paying wherever you are located.

Call it pro-bono for us newbies on this site.


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Good point ML!

I believe this is what the site is for. To help people with info so they can do it for themselves. This site has been extremely helpful to me since I don't believe paying someone thousands of to fill out forms or write a letter. If you have questions on how and what to write for your remorse simply ask, but I don't think anyone will just "do it for you pro-bono" If it is something you just can't do, it's best to pay someone to do it for you.

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Thanks for the points you said.

can I please get the sample template for #3. I need how to start and how to end.

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Whatever anyone does do not pay this guy these insane amounts of money. LOL 30k i seen he claims to have charged?


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