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append delete Ruby

We have now have the waiver and have booked our trip. What happens now? We are flying in to Vancouver then Hawaii. Do we have to let customs know we have a waiver or wait for them to ask? Do we have to tell them ahead of flying there? Will we have to go to secondary and if so will it be a long process? The waiver was for possession over thirty years ago..any chance we will be denied entry? Thanks for the info

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append delete #1. RS


Just put the waiver in your passport when your entering NEVER EVER wait for the CBP officer to ask you ... I've seen power trippers freak out and flat out deny entry just cause you didn't show them the waiver, it must be shown at all times upon each entry ( it does state that on the waiver itself and it's the last sentence on your first sheet) 99% of the time they knows its a waiver and ask you simple questions that is written on the waiver such as your work etc, reason for visiting and so on.... and you will need a I-194 card stapled to your passport. Give yourself plenty of time for secondary as they have the discretions to keep you as long as they want....best to get there minimum 2 hours ahead of flight time is my personal opinion if your that worried about secondary. If you have all your travel plans in order, where your staying, when your coming back, who else is traveling with you ... it should be relatively easy and without hassle mostly 30-60 minutes tops depending on how busy CBP is ...or the officer you get, not everyone is bad some are pretty quick. You just pay $6 for the card to be stapled and stamped in your passport and you should be on your way. Just don't lie about your travel plans and be nervous and you should be fine.

Enjoy your flight!

append delete #2. Ruby

That's great thank you for the info. Do I get the I-94 card when I go to secondary or is it something I should get before my flight?

append delete #3. RS


You get the card in secondary. It's a easy process. I've had one at YVR. If you get the card before hand like crossing a land border it is easier but either way you should be just fine.

append delete #4. Tim

Hi, just curious about this I-194 card. I have received my second waiver (5 year), and am going to the US in May for a work conference. I went to the US once before when I had my first 1 year waiver, but didn't require or get an I-194 card stapled to my passport. Is this something new? I handed the customs office my passport and waiver, he just asked me what the waiver was for, then then asked me to line up with some other people. They sent us to a room and had the dogs sniff our bags. Would it make sense for me to visit the wicket at YYC and get the card stapled to my passport before I go on my trip?

Also, I am flying through YYZ on my way to Florida, and I assume I will be clearing customs there. I have an hour and 40 minutes between flights. Should I re-book with a later connecting flight to give myself more time in case?

append delete #5. 1sttimewaiver

So I've had a waiver for a few months and went into the U.S.A through Toronto Pearson Pre Clearance for the first time since having a waiver. Handed them my waiver and they asked what I had a waiver for. Told them it was for a criminal record. I was sent into secondary and waited about 30-45 minutes until they called me up. He just asked where I was going and the address I was staying at. Then let me go. No extra card/stamp in my passport.

So my question is for people who have traveled a few times through pre clearance in airports will this happen every time? I don't live in Toronto so they are connecting flights and I don't ever want to be in a situation where the connection is an hour and I get pulled into secondary.

append delete #6. Breez

Maybe I am wrong but this happened to me. I think reason is they don't staple I-194 because you seek entry one time at the airports so they simply stamp for six months. At border they issue I-194 card because CBP officer can easily check validity of I-194 card. If they check stamp at booth It will take forever.

append delete #7. 1sttimewaiver

So are you saying next time through preclearance I will go into secondary or I won't?

append delete #8. JOHN ROGERS

Every 6 months they will do a secondary.

append delete #9. Valeria

I applied for my waiver renewal in April 3rd 2018 and have yet to receive it. This is my fourth one I have done now each for 5 years at a time usually I receive it within 3 months has anyone else experience delays

append delete #10. John Rogers

@valeria if nothing by September 3 (150 days) send an email. It means you are in secondary. Also what was your reason for inadmissibility?

Remember this is a Trump waiver, not an Obama waiver. I have seen 5 year waiver holders who were not renewed for certain offences. Trafficking is a big one right now as you must have read on the forum.

-did you do it yourself
-why are you inadmissible?

append delete #11. K SCOTT

Also, remember Valerie that CBP feels that there is no such thing as a waiver renewal. Each application is always considered a new application. Plus now under Trump, they are taking as long as they see fit in adjudicating these waiver applications. Yes, the question is did you do it yourself and what was your conviction for?

append delete #12. DTJ

I just received my first I-194. I'm good for 5 years. What should I expect when crossing a land border for the first time?

How soon can you re-apply?

Do you have to do the whole process over again (I-192)?

Do you pay the same amount every time (5 yrs.)?

append delete #13. John Rogers


When you cross for the first time BY LAND you will have a secondary inspection, pay $6 for an I-94 Card.

Re-apply about 8 months ahead of time in terms of gathering your documents but hand it in about 120 days before. Remember this is in 2023 so we are guessing at this point.

Same application, I am sure different forms and I am sure the fee will be $930USD by then.

append delete #14. jazzsax1

for a fee that big they should make them all 5 year waivers!

append delete #15. John Rogers

Ken Scott

I noticed you are no longer on Facebook....at all. I went to your companies site, and all mention of you has been removed (I spent 10 minutes looking for your name) but most of the "testimonials" are now to a guy named "Rick". All the bio info has been removed of everyone.

Ken, are you still involved? I don't want to alarm anyone who is considering using you. Can you clear up whats going on? Even the posts you made on Complaints against Federal Pardons" has been removed. You have no presence on Facebook at all now, and you used to be all over it.

Has anyone else heard from Ken other than the forum?

append delete #16. jazzsax1

He's around, just not on the boards much. Talked to him about 6 days ago.

Just sent him a message and told him you miss him. LOL


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