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Purpose of travel letter

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I am planning to visit multiple times for social and tourism purposes. what do I need to put intended activities in the letter? just about the first visit is fine?
Any help appreciated.

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This is only required when you're conducting business activities, as there are things you can and cannot do during business travel without a specific visa. For social and tourism purposes just insure you have things like an agenda, hotel info, tickets for anything etc. handy as they will ask these questions and you may need to prove you're actually going there to do what you say you are doing.

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The border I went to required this for my application. I simply put I wanted to first travel to California with my kids and also travel to the u.s for shopping, camping and dropping my daughter off at her friends summer cottage. I live 15 mins from the Washington border. I explained my husband was always doing the shopping across the line and tending to our daughters drop offs and pick ups and that it would benefit my family if I was able to help.


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