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In Toronto do you guys always get referred to secondary?

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I haven't had to go into secondary at pre-clearance, at least at YVR, in over 3 years now at least, only when I cross by land do I have to park and go in to get a card for 6 months. I was told not to use the automated kiosks at YVR and to use the "visa" line is all. I get asked the purpose of my trip (usually business), how long and why do I do for work. Then I usually get a stamp and I'm on my way after they inspect my waiver. It would be great to be able to use the kiosks as to speed things up as at least at YVR, Nexus users get priority and seem to make the lone go slower. Overall I'd say it's much more relaxed then I remember it being.

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@John Rogers

It does seem kind of random. At one time, they even made me do fingerprint. And each time I got a stamp, the stamp was good for six months for each visit (new electronic I-94 each time), even though I ended up staying at most only a week.


They took me to secondary, but I was fortunate enough not to encounter much problem with their questioning, and they never asked me for my phone/computer I had with me, only asked basic stuff like who was I visiting, how long would I stay, etc.

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I never went through the preclearance at YVR, as I did most of my flying from YYZ, but I'm glad to hear you hardly ever got called to secondary.

If you don't mind me asking, did you get six months each time they stamped you, and did you get stamped everytime, or only when your previous stamp had expired?

I'm curious because, I kept getting new stamp for six months each time, even though the old stamps were not yet expired.

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They stamp it every time now regardless of how old the previous one was. I think the date is more important for the land crossing since they don't need to send you in for secondary where as now they do everything at the first agent without having to go to secondary. I figure if I crossed by land with the stamp from YVR I wouldn't have to go in if it was within the 6 month window. Overall the experience has been much less anxiety inducing than it used to be other than some really scrutinize the waiver although I'm sure people try to cross with fake ones. I don't understand why they just don't add something linked to our profiles so they know an active waiver is on file and then you wouldn't even need to carry that letter and potentially lose it.

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In Calgary and Edmonton i handed them my passport and waiver they breifly looked at it and let me no hassel


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