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Secondary Security Checks?

append delete Jake

Hi Everyone:

I received my first one year waiver within 90 days of applying. However my second waiver application has been pending for 150 days. When I email them, I am being told it is is pending results of necessary secondary security checks.

What is secondary security check?
How long does this secondary security check take?
How come my second waiver application which should be processed quicker is taking a lot longer than the first one?
Is everyone experiencing longer than usual delays with the waiver? May be ARO is backed up with excessive applications?

Appreciate your assistance with any of these questions.

I am getting anxious as my career revolves around travelling to the US.

Thanks again!

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append delete #1. puzzled

@Jake it sounds like there is no real rhyme or reason for the various responses and delays.. I am waiting for my first waiver and am going broke fast waiting as I too have a career that revolves around travel to the US

append delete #2. Lee Ving

@jake going through this now. Almost the same. My first application was within 90 days good for one year and set to expire end of January so I re-applied in August 2015 so almost 5 full months and I sent a email request Jan 5th - Response Jan 6

Good Morning,
Your application is on file with the Admissibility Review Office. It is currently pending further review. Due to the individual circumstances of each waiver application, there is not a set timeframe to give us to when an application decision will be completed.

So I am not sure but going at the current pace 2x longer then the original application. Not sure If I helped you or not but if misery loves company I right there with you. hopefully we don't miss to many USA work assignments. Good Luck

Cheers L.V

append delete #3. Samianauman

Any updates yet jake

append delete #4. BeesNest

@Samianauman I am curious to know if you have received your waiver yet? I know you have been waiting for a long time and unfortunately I feel I am in the same situation. I.e. waiting on 3rd waiver to be processed and is taking much longer than the previous 2.




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