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Got your I-194?

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append delete #1401. jazzsax1

Sounds like my case except I have yet to apply.

You need to show significant remorse. You need to show what you are doing to not reoffend. You also need to show why you're being impacted by not going to the US. Reference your child in the US and what that causes. They weigh out balance of probabilities among everything else.

John and Ken could add more to this but honestly you need to build a massive pack showing them WHY they need to let you in, and WHY you won't reoffend. The probation officer is just one piece. They want ties to community, other people. What are you doing to benefit society, etc. (VOlunteering, etc)

append delete #1402. nonameplease

I did all that..my non-family members wrote letters (3 of them..), I wrote a letter, my probation officer wrote a letter. I did all this with a lawyer. I thought I would be succesful if I hired a lawyer but..negative! Someone mentioned that because my probation finished in 2015, thats when ARO begins the countdown..if that is true then its basically only 3 years. I also heard that I should wait 5? is that true?

I keep mentioning that I have a child in the states but I dont think they care either.
I've showed them my property tax, school tax...to show that its all paid and that im in good standing. this was my first offence EVER. I didnt have a record before this.

append delete #1403. Ferry

Hi, I have two convictions dates 2005 of shoplifting under 5000$ applied in October 2018..is this a big crime? How long does it take to process thanks in advance..Quebec

append delete #1404. John Rogers

@Ferry its not that these are serious, its that the most recent one happened in 2018. Were you denied entry to the United States?

@nonameplease You hired a lawyer but does he do a ton of waivers? 1) If he didn't wait long enough, that shows he either doesn't know or doesn't care 2) the sentence isn't the issue. Time from the conviction is.

If you are charged with a crime, hire a lawyer (but get an honest one) If you need a waiver, hire a waiver specialist. We do nothing BUT waivers, where a lawyer probably does an occasional waiver. Even immigration lawyers don't primarily do waivers. A law degree is useless. Volume and experience matters.

I bet he charged a nice chunk of change. Why won't he re-do it for free until you get it?

append delete #1405. jazzsax1

@John Rogers - she said two from 2005, but applied in 2018.

append delete #1406. John Rogers

@jazzsax crap you are right, I read it to early or quickly LOL

two shopliftings from 2005? That lawyer should be disbarred. That's a pretty easy waiver.

append delete #1407. Tina

Anyone have any recent data points on 5 year waiver renewals? I just filed at YYZ and the CBP officer said he heard it's around 3 months. Thanks in advance.

append delete #1408. John Rogers

@Tina.....YYZ is Pearson Intl Airport in Toronto.

Did you "just file" or filed before July 16 2018?

append delete #1409. Tina

Filed 1 month ago at Pearson

append delete #1410. John Rogers


That makes no sense.

United States Customs and Border Protection I-192 Waiver Office Closed
Effective July 16, 2018, the USCBP Waiver officer located in Terminal 1 will be closed until further notice. Please visit U.S. Customs and Border Protection for more information and alternative locations.


I called a Supervisor to be sure. He said they may NEVER open again.

I don't want to doubt you, but can you give more details? Where was the place in the airport you went, what time/day of the week?

append delete #1411. Ferry

Hi imyea it took place in 2005 oh the guy thought was arguing with me said I threatened him so that was mentioned too is that something bad?

append delete #1412. 2Legit2quit!

So I overstayed many years ago and left voluntarily without being asked or court order. I applied for waiver on my own and approved for 5 years few years ago. I just realized that my 10 year ban that was triggered by overstaying will expire end of this month. My waiver still has one more year left.

My questions for this awesome forum is that

1. Do I still need to show CBP officer my waiver after 10 year ban is expired?
2. What are my chances of getting a nexus pass if I decide to apply in the future?

Any insights and experience with above is highly appreciated.

append delete #1413. John Rogers


If you are on the waiver program (you are) you need to keep showing your waiver. The 10 year ban being over will probably not mean you are off the waiver program unless Homeland Security TELLS you you no longer need a waiver.....in writing.

If you have a waiver, you cannot get a Nexus. If Homeland Security tells you you no longer need a waiver, then you can get a Nexus.

Overstaying is an immigration offence. Its more serious than "theft under $5000" to the United States. The ban being over does not mean you no longer need a waiver in most cases.

I don't understand why people think the United States sees illegally staying in their country and giving you a 10 year ban as a smaller issue than a guy who had a bar fight, and has an assault conviction. Its not.

Please update the room once you find out so other can benefit from your experience.

append delete #1414. KSCOTT

#1412 you may or may not need a waiver after the 10 ban is up. The best way is to stop in at the local border station and have them review your computer file while the ban is still on. They will tell you if you have to keep getting a waiver. Also, you will have to show them the waiver every time you cross. Do not forget to do this as it could bite you if you fail to do so.

Again, you may not need a waiver after the fact. It will depend on the specifics of your case. Not everyone has to keep getting waivers for the rest of their lives....Btw...Overstaying is not more serious than a Theft offence (or criminality in general) since the USA is very hard on criminality. They definitely will not jump for joy though over the fact that you overstayed. You could be one of the lucky ones that will not have to keep doing these waivers.

I would be more concerned if you had something like Possession for Purpose of Trafficking(PPT) or a sex crime since this administration is really hard on these offences.

Again, best thing is to just check with the border station and have them review your case. It cold save you a lot of money in the future.

Also, generally speaking....if you only had an overstay and absolutely nothing else and no other/prior violations...then you should be good. It is kinda hard here without reading your actual sworn statement and seeing how they charged you and under what categories. SO this is just general information.

append delete #1415. KSCOTT

#1411 Who said that you argued with him? Are you referring to the CBP officer?

append delete #1416. Robb

Applied at Lewiston July 30th. Just got a response that my decision letter was mailed Nov 5th. Havent got it yet, seems fast hope it's good news. Will be my 4th waiver application

append delete #1417. Samuel

#1414 @KSCOTT

If a 10 year ban is over (for SOLELY overstaying) do you know what factors would come into play that would require one to continue needing waivers AFTER the ban was over? This is with an absolutely whistle clean criminal record.

Seems like after "doing one's time", as it were, that the need for more waivers would be nothing but a money grab on their part.

append delete #1418. jazzsax1

Just to lighten up the thread a bit...



I know, I know, rubbing it in. Sorry that my Bombers had to kick your Riders to the curb! Better luck next year!


append delete #1419. John Rogers

I feel so sorry for the CFL fans. It was such a fun league when I was a kid. I wish it would be partially financed federally, be in every major city, and be more of a "farm system" for the NFL. I watch US College football, and I know Americans would watch if it was a developmental system for the NFL. I know its different in Winnipeg and Regina, but that's my Toronto "take" as a football fan. The NFL is absolutely king here.

append delete #1420. HatsBootsHatsBoots

@John Rogers

I don't believe that the federal government should or entertain the idea of financing the CFL. It has no business to do so anyway. The general public will be furious that tax payer money is used. Many canadian hockey teams have asked for public money in the past and the idea didn't fly well.

The CFL and NFL have different rules with different histories. The CFL can never become a sub league of the NFL. You would need 32 teams and I don't believe these 32 teams will be viable. The AHL which is a sub league to the NHL has a long history of failed franchises.

Fans in North America have two leagues to follow with a different product. Toronto's CFL franchise may not attract big crowds but they do have a fan base. I would like for the CFL expand by adding teams in Quebec City, Moncton, Halifax, Victoria.

append delete #1421. John Rogers


You are probably right. I just don't see it staying viable the way it is, and I would hate to see it gone altogether, although I no longer watch.

append delete #1422. Robb

Applied at Lewiston July 30th. Received 5th waiver today in mail

append delete #1423. jazzsax1

@JOhn it's perfectly viable. The TV ratings tsn is getting are rock solid and going up every year. The TSN contract is quite lucrative for the league, so much that the teams have been able to raise wages.

The only significant outlay is stadiums. If the team controls the stadium they are stronger. Unlike in the US, Canadians aren't as fond as subsidizing stadiums whether it's for the CFL, NHL, or whatever, particularly when the corporate overlords (ie, MLSE) are insanely mega rich. Sets a bad optic.

Remember though our politicians aren't economists and business people even though Trudeau wants you to think they are...

The spin off spending from sports and ancillary services related to sports / concerts / etc is enormous. That's why you generally see zero issue in the US with funding new stadiums. They also use the smart model of allowing ballot measures and votes on whether people want to accept local taxes to subsidize these things. That sort of measure is unheard of here....

Only reason CFL isn't viable anymore in Toronto is due to the population makeup. Basketball / Soccer far more relevant to the immigrant population than Hockey / Football / Baseball.

I could argue with you for years on this though. YOu should understand the above, after all your office is in Brampton....

append delete #1424. John Rogers


Yes but high school football here in Brampton (and Toronto) is alive and well. High school rugby too. But those kids watch NFL. We have the Leafs and the Raptors and MLS Soccer is popular but not the CFL.

Remember, your talking to a former diehard Alloutes fan when I was young "Randy Rhino? David Green?" when the Eskimos were winning Grey Cups with Warren Moon and Wilkinson at QB.

Then 1982 and Mouse Davis and the run and shoot and Condredge Holloway and Terry Greer and Cedric Minter. In 1982 we hosted the Grey Cup and the Argos were losing and then a huge rainstorm came and made it impossible for us to catch up to the Eskimos (Warren Moon) and we DEMANDED and got a domed stadium. Not just ANY domed stadium, oh no, we had to have a retractable roof to be BETTER than BC place. Skydome literally came about because Cedric Minter fumbled a wet ball.

I watched Holloway at Tennessee. I watched Moon at University of Washington as he won the Rose bowl. I am no casual football fan. I ran the option in high school and dreamed of playing at Nebraska (it never happened) and I was a much better rugby player anyways.

So how does the CFL lose MY interest? I want to watch the BEST. The CFL had some of the best for a while...but not anymore.

append delete #1425. Samuel

Maybe the Stamps will do it this year after being so close the last couple of years.

The CFL is a radically different game than the NFL and in my estimation the CFL is a much more entertaining game. In the NFL if you're up by the 2 minute warning (even by just a point) and have the ball the game is essentially over. It's a 58 minute game.

With 2 minutes left in the CFL ... well 3 touchdowns can be scored in that span of time.

***ANYWAY ... does anybody here wish to weigh in on Comment #1417


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