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Waiver application processing times

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Got your I-194?

Reply here with how long it took. Months, weeks, days...

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append delete #1601. John Rogers

@Jazzsax1 wouldn't a postman with a strong Union vote NDP? ON my 'left wing' Facebook page I follow they think the Liberals are 'corporate sell outs'.

Don't play into my assumptions that OF COURSE you have a pet polar bear.

But ours is a "wet cold". I think yours is a "dry cold". Much nicer.

append delete #1602. jazzsax1

Depends if he's rural or not and where you live. Your postman if he's in brampton probably votes with the sea of red to be strategic even if his union told him to vote orange.

Wet colds are far nicer than dry colds. Much easier to ski in. Dry colds suck.

append delete #1603. Ferry

@johrogers thank you explaining I had no idea what to do they weren’t telling me anything so I went yul to apply for duplicate how long will this take? I hope it doesn’t get lost again I already lost 3-4months. Thank you for reading and replying.

append delete #1604. John Rogers

@Ferry this doesn't happen enough for a clear timeline, but the last time someone applied it was 60 days. I hope you got 5 years, then this will be a little more "worth it".

append delete #1605. John Rogers

Another waiver in today for a client that was super fast.

He picked up his package from me on November 8 2018 but claims he handed it in in January.

That doesn't SEEM possible because of the Shutdown that December 22 to January 25th.

I am going to speculate he handed it in around Christmas because he did mention "around Christmas" first.

5 year waiver.

Also, people are emailing Homeland Security to follow up on Waivers after 150 days. They are all getting an automated response, but it seems most are not getting the ACTUAL response even a week later. I am telling people to give them time due to the obvious backlog, but does anyone after January 25 2019 have an actual EMAIL response?

append delete #1606. Michelle

#1605, John Rogers, I have been helping a few clients send trace emails, and no we have not received an actual EMAIL reply. We receive the automated response, but nothing more.

append delete #1607. jazzsax1

John - was this 5 year a first time applicant or renewal? How long after conviction?

append delete #1608. John Rogers

@Jazzsax1 he had a 1 year with another company.

Interestingly the record isn't THAT minor.

2002 Assault with intent to resist arrest, Trafficking as well

2004 Possession of scheduled substance

2005 Dangerous operation of motor vehicle.

Anyways i am pleased but went hard on the letter about the trafficking.

append delete #1609. Doug Burch

I have submitted my waiver application on December 7th 2018, this was a renewal application(much thanks John). Has anyone received a response from them yet?

append delete #1610. Sonia

Hi John
I was banned to enter the states in 2016 for prostitution . I don’t have a criminal record . I’d like to re apply and I’m wondering how much do you charge for waiver .
Thank you

append delete #1611. John Rogers

@Sonia I have a couple of these exact cases going right now. Before you start its important I know more of the particulars so I can tell you what your chances are.

Can you email or call me? Text is fine as well.

pardon.experts@rogers.com or 416-843-1371 (cell) business number is 905-459-9669

@Doug Burch after March break is over and I have my Co-op student back I am going to follow up on some of the Fall people who handed in waivers and I will post the results here to keep everyone up to date.

append delete #1612. John Rogers

Just to answer the question, I charge $650 for a waiver for a first time client, which includes fingerprints and taxes. If you don't live close enough to come to the office, its $600 because you will do your fingerprints (and pay for them) elsewhere. Fingerprints usually cost $82-90 depending on location.

Don't forget, you also pay $585 USD to Homeland Security.

Pardons are $795.00 which again includes taxes and fingerprints. The Government fees add up though. A client in Brampton (for example) with one conviction will pay the following:
$25 court
$92 Local Police Check
$631 Parole Board Fee.

$1543 including all taxes and costs. Remember, these Government fees will vary depending on where you live and amount of convictions.

I think where Michelle is (Saskatchewan) the court documents are much more expensive, ($100) but I think her local police checks are cheaper.

Before you start a pardon, you should get an exact quote. The quote should have EXACTLY what will come out of your pocket. Any changes would be government fees that are beyond our control.

I gave a quote to guy and he went to competitor. They had lower prices so they added fees, like the court documents were $40, not $25.00 They said the police check was $140 because they would notorize the ID. The said they would charge him $20 for an expresspost. (they were literally charging him to send the pardon to the parole board.)

I explained that he was likely to have a "propose to deny" because I could tell my his charges after the record. I charge $200 +taxes to do that portion. The other company claimed "he might not get it so we will just do it for free if its needed".

I explained that this company had jacked up the fees, to be JUST under my fee. But that many of the fees were bogus, and anyone promising to "just do something for free" will inevitably do a terrible job. There is no incentive.

Anyways we will see what this person does, but its frustrating that people will try and save a few dollars, at the risk of the whole application being shoddy. Worse, the propose to deny will be the key factor here, and the rest of the pardon is irrelevant if that is not done properly.

In this clients case I promised to refund all his money if the pardon was rejected, because I could clearly see he was eligible and his propose to deny would be easy to handle. (I do not always do this but he had a lot of documents) The competitor claimed "that wasn't possible". I wrote it right on the quote, which is on letterhead.

Anyways we will see if saving $60 on the price and the $226 for the propose to deny fee will make him go the other route.

:: @John Rogers added on 13 Mar ’19 · 10:48

***Reapplications for Waivers are cheaper***

$495 taxes and fingerprints included. If you get stuck with a 1 year waiver there is a further discount.

append delete #1613. Sonia

Thank you for the info and where are you located ?

append delete #1614. John Rogers

Brampton Ontario. Just outside of Toronto.

append delete #1615. jazzsax1

He's located in the heart of Trudeaumania!

append delete #1616. John Rogers

Brampton actually swings Conservative/Liberal. Interestingly for the south asian community, some like the anti-gay stance some of the candidates preach and are religiously Conservative.

So you would think naturally they would be Liberal supporters, but it fluctuates. Its disturbing to see that some of the Conservative candidates really focus on anti LGBQ talk and it works. In Toronto the candidate would not even be allowed to run.

Its just shows that "all politics are local".

append delete #1617. jazzsax1

Of course in Toronto the candidate would not be allowed to run. he or she would be run out of town by the $1.35 million 400 square foot condo owning Millenial with 25,000 followers on instagram naming and shaming them (meanwhile, same said person running them out of town sits and eats avocado toast, drinking cocktails from mason jars, wears skinny jeans, changes jobs every 9 months, and laments about the sad state of the world)

append delete #1618. John Rogers

@jazzsax1. That MIGHT be true. But it is HILARIOUS. Is the toast MADE form avocado, or is there avocado ON the toast?

append delete #1619. jazzsax1

You should ask a downtown torontonian millenial.

It is toast, with avocado on it. Usually costs them $20+ in restaurants and they eat it like its water!

append delete #1620. Happy


I applied for my waiver renewal Jan 28th at the peace arch border crossing ,and it came yesterday !! 45 DAYS!!!! My first waiver took 2 years and was valid for 1 year. This is record time my lawyer said,im SO HAPPY!! and its valid for 5 YEARS!!!! Im so happy!!!

append delete #1621. MIchelle

John and Ken: I had a client deliver his application to Regway, MT POE..and they removed his (3) reference letters and his income tax (he is a business owner) and said these are no longer required. The rules just changed last week...I am very surprised at this, as it is unusual that USA would stream line such important documents. I will likely continue to have my clients submit these, have either of you heard any feedback from your clients???? Thanks!

append delete #1622. jazzsax1

@Michelle I would be shocked at that as well. That's definitely a differentiator for borderline cases. I wonder if the guy was new?

append delete #1623. Doug Burch

#1620, congrats! wondering whats-up with mine, it sucks that you can't do an inquiry!

append delete #1624. Adelaide

#1620 @Happy

Congrats!!!!! That's awesome!

May I ask what you needed a waiver for?

append delete #1625. Ridge

# 1620, Great congrats. Can you provide us with some details about your applucation. Thanks

# 1623 Doug Burch, I feel the same way too. I submitted my waiver spplication @ Rainbow Bridge on Dec. 12, '18. and nothing yet, hopefully soon, very soon.

Although I have a friend, submitted her waiver application (1st time) @ Rainbow Bridge on August 30, and got approved on Nov. 19, '18. But she only got it in the mailbox around 1st of Dec. because of the Canada post strike. She even told me that she feels lucky bec. CBP wrote her address not in the right way, but somehow the Canada postman/woman was able to figure it. Good job to him/her.


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