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WAIVER will expire while I'm away

append delete Pumpkin

hi I'm going away next week and my waiver will expire on March 9th, can i stay in the US while my waiver is expired or its a must come back before that day?

i already apply for the next one but won't get it in time so I'm wondering

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append delete #1. RS


I don't recommend it, over staying and you get caught can cost your new waiver in process to be denied so fast you wasted all your money for nothing not to mention a ban for overstaying. It is always recommended to apply 5 - 7 months of your current waiver expiring so you don't have situations like yours.

Of course there are expectations to the rule, such as a port parole but you need a strong petition to your case to let them know why you need to stay longer, and 99% of the time it's denied anyways I've only got a few in while new waiver is pending in my 10+ years. So I wouldn't risk it.

append delete #2. Scatcat969

I agree with @Pumpkin and have also had a few exceptions in the past grated at the port of entry.
Recently I was told that unless it's a medical emergency, court obligation (testifying etc) they will NOT be granting exceptions.
With all the hype these days, I would not chance anything. Follow the rules to the letter of the law...
Good Luck

append delete #3. Pumpkin

@Scatcat969 what do you mean by granted at port of entry? how?


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